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William Nuttall
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Birth: Oct., 1837
Derbyshire, England
Death: Sep. 22, 1896
Denver County
Colorado, USA

Early Life
William Nuttall was born in Oct 1837 in Derbyshire Derby ST Peters parish England. His parents were William and Sarah, he appears in census 1841, 1851, and 1862. His father was a stone mason and he said he was an Architect in 1862 when he arrived in the Port of New York from Liverpool January 15, on the Ellen Austin. A very interesting ship she was too, in 1881 she was reported to have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle, or maybe she was renamed the Meta and kept on sailing.
Life in America
The Denver Post obituary says that in 1863 he attained prominence as a clog dancer at the Old Progressive , the one of the most elaborate dance and gambling halls in the United States, it says he was a prolifigate then!
William Nuttall's obituary from the Denver Post says he was in the Civil War in the early years as part of a Colorado Unit from Central City, he received a $60 pension every month for that service .
Perhaps for disability. A search for him in the Civil War records on line didn't prove this was true. This was found and seems to be he, as the date of death matches, it is the confirmation that he is buried in this cemetery and has a military stone.
William Nuttall
Private, Company C.
16th Regiment
Illinois Infantry
The Denver Post obituary claims he had a big Sporting resort in Helen Mt and drifted to Virginia City before he relocated to Deadwood because he was never successful at anything and had gone broke in both of these enterprises. From what follows I don't think the Denver Post knew all of what Billy did and they generally just didn't like him!
The first mention of a William Nuttall that is probably our William is from the Rocky Mountain News in Denver dated November 29, 1864 which received the information from a Bannock Montana paper saying that a Nuttall was running masquerade balls at his chebang in Virginia City Montana, which is in Western Montana. At this time a chebang was a derogatory adjective applied to a run down house or business.
William Nuttall's first child Mary Virginia was born March 1864 Viginia City Montana. I suspect his wife Catherine Baker was in the first troupe that William Nuttall took west. Catherine's father was Joseph Baker and he lived in ST Joseph Missouri as late as 1870. I am told he was a Contortionist, the 1870 says he is a Showman, like William Nuttall, not a surprise. Wiliam and Catherine's next two children, Kate E born in Dec1867 and Sarah J born July 1870, were born in ST Joseph Missouri.
By 1870 the family is in Central City Gilpin County Colorado Territory. William is 33 and Catherine is 26 and born in England. A third daughter Elizabeth was born 7 February 1871 in Colorado
William is a saloonkeeper, and a newspaper article from the Denver Daily Times dated July 31, 1872 says he is a popular saloonkeeper and is opening a new establishment in the rear of the Colorado National Bank to be called the Albion.
He sold food, liquors, wines and cigars.
An interesting article from newspaper in Bent County Colorado dated January of 1874 says that W Nuttall is Vice President of the Trotting Association, and races were going to be held in Trinidad in February. Perhaps this explains his obituary calling him a sporting man?
It is not certain when William Nuttall came to Deadwood, the first report of him is June of 1876 owning with a Mr Mann or Maw a hall and hat is the same hall that the number 10 saloon was and Wild Bill Hickock was shot in August of 1876. Since Rapid City was founded in February of 1876 William Nuttall must have gotten to Deadwood early in 1876.
William Nuttall was with the second group of people who arrived in Rapid City February 25, in the company of Sam Scott, John W Allen, James Carney and Maj Hutchinson. He was one of the five elected to the board of trustees of Rapid City. Exactly why he was with the men that founded Rapid City is not established by any evidence found in the newspapers.
The Bella Union opened in September of 1876 and was operated by "Banjo" Tom Miller it had financial problems and closed several times before it opened as the Langrishe Theater in October of 1877. William Nuttall picked up the lease when a Mr Ollerenshaw bought it in April of 1878 and called it the Bella Union again.
December of 1876 Kitty Nuttal is volunteering a the Theater, probably the Bella Union. Also in December of 1876 Nuttal and Brown own the Temple of Music. The paper reports that in November of 1876 William, Nuttall and AT Miller dissolve whatever partnership they had.
In December of 1877 Tom Miller and Nuttall buy the Senate Saloon, the only mention of Bill going into that type of business.
In April of 1877 Billy leaves for Chicago by way of Cheyenne to secure talent for his new theater, which the paper opines will be "one of the finest theater buildings in the west". Billy Nuttall and Tom Miller were only going to get first class variety entertainment.
Kitty Nuttall in 1877 performs at both the Langrishe and Gem theaters. July 1877 Nuttall dissolves his partnership with Tom Miller of the Bella Union. In June and July Miller and Nuttall had a brass band that played around town, these were players from the theater troupe.
In September a tantalizing and so far unreadable entry in the newspaper index says that William received a letter from Africa and was having a benefit for some one or place. The interesting connection to Africa comes at the end of the story of William Nuttall's life.
The Bella Union operated for less than two years, it had three "grand" entrances, and the stage was 25feet by 25feet. It had 17 private boxes and one "grand' private reception room.
All in all termed by the newspaper "Strictly a first class variety theater" The grand reception room became the central meeting place for Deadwood.
In January the Bella Union is undergoing repairs to open February 1,1878. The paper editorializes that what Billy attempts to do he usually does and his plan to open the newly remodeled Bella Union would probably happen. William helped raise funds for digging a well to fight fires and attended citizens meeting about protection in case of fire in Deadwood. In February a McDaniels buys the Bella Union and leases it to William Nuttall.
In the same month Billy establishes a ladies night which turned out to be watching wrestling matches which it can only be guessed was out of the ordinary for woman to go see. This was Greco Roman wrestling, one of the referees was Lew Spencer.
The newspaper April 10 says "if you want to find a man after 11pm" look in the Bella Union. The same day the paper reports that WJ McDaniel will not be running the Bella Union, Bill will run "the whole shebang".
Billy has send for eight new acts from Kansas City. April 12 finds the Bella Union hosting a Grand Masquerade and fancy dress ball. Every Friday was ladies night, the Bella Union had special matinees on weekends for families. The cost was 25 cents for children and 50 census for adults. April 26 announces a new manager for the Bella Union Mr Ollerenshaw, is on his way from Hat Creek to Deadwood, he is eight days out of town.
Many interesting variety acts graced the stage of the Bella Union, this is a partial list. Negro Minstrels, Clog and Jig Comic dancers, the Bossiest family of six were acrobats, Little Perley Duval was a pretty child contortionist, sketch artists, Marksmanship demonstrators, Ethiopian Dutch Irish Comedians, violists, living statuary Deadwood Brass Band Eugene Holmes a Banjoist ,Carrie Duvall a singer and John Dillon an Irish Comedian.
The June 1, 1878 the newspaper says that Wiliam Nuttall horsewhipped S.F. Wood on Main Street. That story goes like this.
Mr Woods had done some painting for Billy Nuttall while he was out of town in 1877. Mr Woods charged an outrageous amount of money for this, three or four times the going rate. Billy asked for the amount to be lowered to something more reasonable and getting no legal response, he took a blacksnake whip to Mr Woods.
He met him in a saloon and "severely chastised" him until both were satisfied. The papers opinion was that if it had been another man than Billy Nuttall, a shooting might have resulted from this situation.
They considered him very sensible to have done it his way. The papers opinion may have been based on the fact that Mr Wood owed the paper twenty-one fifty that had gone unpaid for sometime, they called him a "deadbeat".
Things got worse for him, as he somehow got two wives in Deadwood and had to shave and cut his hair to leave town in a hurry. "
In May, June and July, William's daughters Lizzie, Mary and Katie appear in the end of the year school reports. Mary is also cited in the paper for rhetorical excercises at school.
In May of 1878 a place called Nuttallberg was having foot races and other athletic games, it is said to have been between Deadwood and Elizabethville.
May 9 the paper says that Billy has given up managing the Bella Union to run the Summer Garden at his home at Nuttalberg. The had competions planned, Tom Miller, Billy's old partner and friend and Lew Spencer, referee at Billy wrestling matches, were going to do a two mile walk.
There would be a foot race between John Rogers and someone from Crook City. A quoting match between John Gray and John Mitchell for a twenty-five dollar prize. Also of course games for the boys of the community.
The paper also announces that William was experimenting with catering to woman and families, what this amounted to is unknown.
Apparently the newspaper liked what ever William Nuttall did with the Bella Union and reported in a very boosterish way. They report the present company is the best ever brought the hills. There was a big storm on opening night and no one showed up and William was seen out shoveling snow, reported March 13, 1878. He is said to be sparing no expense to bring the best. In March the ladies night at the Bella Union was a great success.
In August 1878 Billy the troupe to General Luther P Bradley's camp also known as Camp Devin, the headliner was Madam Lola AKA Lola Parchal, they stayed there for some time according to the newspaper
. In September of 1876 Billy Nuttall is reported to be moving his theater to camp at Bear Butte , perhaps to entertain the troops at camps. No mention is made of FT Meade in this connection but men from FT Meade did come to Deadwood to the Bella Union.
In October a farewell benefit was held at the Bella Union for some of its players, Little Etolla and the Celeste Sisters who were from Chicago, wanted to go home and a night of "fun and frolic" was held. They were perhaps some of the acts recruited from Chicago in April of 1877 when Billy went there.
In November of 1877 the Territory filed a suit against Billy, charging him with mayhem, he was found not guilty. Mayhem is some kind of bodily harm.
The Deadwood paper reports early events of Deadwood with out a date, from another entry in the index to Deadwood papers it appears the date is in December of 1876.
The murder of a man at the Bella Union while Billy and Tom Miller were running it and Charles Stacy was running the front part. A man named Shaugnessy came into the theater, he was known to have made threats against the management of the theater. Stacy asked Billy if he should sell him a ticket or not and Billy said the man was "more talk than cider."
Two of the cast of the theater Dick Brown and Fannie Garretson were singing a duet when Edward Shaugnessy threw an ax between them. When he attempted to come up on the stage Dick Brown, who was a well-known Banjoist, brought out his gun and shot Mr Shaugnessy dead. Turned out Mr Brown and Miss Fanny Garretson were husband and wife.
She at the time was playing the McDonald Theater in Cheyenne. After the Brown's trial where he was acquitted, Brown became a partner of Billy Nuttall in the Melodian Building.
Another story with a very different ending is told by Estalline Bennett in Old Deadwood Days. We are not given any names in this story but it is very interesting never the less. A woman and a piano player were doing their act when a man stood up and shot at then, the piano player pulled his own gun and shot the man who had shot at them. The woman became upset by what had happened. A Dr who happened to be present said the man that was shot had no hope of living. The man was conscious never the less and he had a strange tale to tell before he died.
The woman was his wife, she had run away with the piano player two years before and he had been following them ever since. He demanded that after he died the two be married immediately
A priest was called and every one in the place was hushed and awed by the experience when the priest said " Do you take this woman" The Organ pealed the Wedding march. The Bella Union had the first piano in Deadwood, it took two months to get it to Deadwood by ox train.
The final assessment of the Bella Union that so far has seemed a very nice place to go to the theater takes on a darker image from the two murders there.
Also from the words of Estalline Bennett who says, "Everybody with ugly blood and thunder tragedy in his heart brought it in and spilled it over the sawdust of the Bella Union".
Billy's time in Deadwood was drawing to an end but never the less in November of 1878 he had the lower level of the Bella Union building fire proofed.
In the summer of 1878 William's daughter Katie is mentioned in the paper for, represented Louisiana in the State of the Union in the Fourth of July parade. Mary represented the state of Connecticut.
The Bella Union's name was no more by Oct of 1878 part was already called Mechanic's Hall , Billy has rented the Mechanics Hall to the Republican Party for its convention. The lower level became a grocery store and fire proof storage area. November 30, the newspaper reports that the Bella Union will be sold at a "immense sacrifice".
December 7 of 1878 the paper says "people want to know what happened to $230,000 at the Bella Union" No answer or even guessing about it seems to have been made? Did it have something to do with William Nuttal
January 1, 1879 newspaper announces that Billy Nuttall is going to Leadville to start a first class theater. There opinion is that " Billy is "the best variety theater manager in the west. To the end the Deadwood paper liked what ever Billy was doing, even if it meant he left Deadwood to do it.
January 7, 1879, William Nuttall left Deadwood, and he announces he will open a theater in Leadville Colorado. February of 1879 Billy signs a lease on a building in Leadville for $1,700. February 12, Billy writes that "things is big" in Leadville. February 26, 1878 he goes East to find performers for his new theater in Leadville.
He also is reported to still have many of the same acts that the Bella Union had. In March Billy is running the Theatre Comique and doing good business. June 7, 1878 William is reported very ill in Leadville.
April, 7,1879 the only son of William Nuttall was born in South Dakota, at least that is what he always says in the census and so says his death certificate in California but no evidence but that exists that Katie Nuttall was in South Dakota in April 1879. He may well have been born as the family made what must have been a slow journey from Deadwood to Leadville.
April 1879 a report to the Deadwood paper titled Billy Nuttall Rampage indicates he was in some trouble in Leadville. He was managing the Comique Theater; there was a disturbance in the wee hours of the morning. The police were called .
Billy was asked to tone it down, and he told the police to leave. They didn't leave of course, they arrested Billy. There was a crowd of "Nuttall friends" so the police drew revolvers and took him with them when they left. At some point he said he wasn't going any further and at that point " Officer McMullin used such means as to convince him to continue his journey".
In June of 1879 the Deadwood paper reports that William is "back on his pins" after being ill. In August the Leadville paper reports the arrival of William Nuttall's family in Leadville from Deadwood.
That Billy gave "a six day pedestrian who made 455 miles in the time named $150 And it is of the opinion that Billy is making a lot of money and "putting it just where it will make the boys happy" What ever that means!????
By November word arrives that Billy reports he has made $50 thousand in Leadville but by September of 1879 a fire causes $2000 loss in the business..
In October a very strange thing happens, someone reports that William Nuttall is dead and it is a week before someone send word to the newspaper in Deadwood that he is not dead. It is interesting what the newspaper says about him when they think he is dead..
They believed "he left a very interesting family of five bright little girls (there in fact were only four and one boy), who if properly educated will make their mark on the world. He was very attached to his children and tried to give them an education."
1880 was not a good year for William Nuttall, the Denver paper sent to Deadwood paper the opinion that William was broke in Leadville, " Billy can't stand prosperity".
Later in February they say he should have been more "judicious and prudent and that his ‘lines are not cast in pleasant places"
This was both because they believed his wife had left him and he was being charged with stealing $1000 from Mr Gilcross at the Grand Central Hotel. Billy served as his own council and was fined $10 for contempt of court. February 25,1880 the Deadwood paper eats some crow by admitting that perhaps the judgement that Billy was broke in Leadville was wrong. He has leased the Grand Hotel theater with others who had worked with him at the old Comique theater and theaters in Deadwood including Charles Reynolds who had been in the Chicago Academy of Music.
In March Katie Nuttall writes a letter to the editor of the Leadville paper saying' "Please correct the statement "That Mrs Nuttall has left her husband". I left Leadville on account of the sickness of my children. I am living in Denver . Also in March of 1880 the Deadwood paper adds another theater in Deadwood that Billy Nuttall ran, it says some kind of rumor as surfaced from when he ran the Melodeon.
The Denver Post obituary states that they were divorced and that he married woman in Manchester England in about 1888, on the same trip he went to the Gold Fields of Africa. Katie was living with her grown children in Coal Creek Colorado. This must have been early in 1888 since he is known to have been in South Dakota later in 1888.
The Leadville Democrat reports June 11, 1880 that in May William had taken four horse wagons of theatrical material and fourteen performers by foot to Gunnison Colorado. The 1880 census taken June 8, 1880 shows him still in Leadville, he says he is a Comedian, he is 50 years old and boarding.
The 1880 census taken June16, has a Wm Nuttall age 43 born in England, living in Gunnison Colorado, he is a Showman! He is boarding in the company of a Huckster named E Adams Shraber and another Showman Thomas P Reynolds. Katie and the children are in Denver, and they are still married.
In September the Deadwood paper reports hearing that Wiliam Nuttall is running the London Club, a sportsman's headquarters in Leadville. November 1880 finds him still Manager of the Grand Central Theater at Leadville.
The Leadville paper reports in February of 1881 that benefit was held for William Nuttall, there was a big turnout for the event and the troupe gave a first class performance, no reason give for Willian needing a benefit. Leadville paper also reports later in February that Billy is opening the Buckingham Palace, remodeled; no doubt a new name will be given to it.
Things got much worse for William Nuttall in 1882, a report from the Wood River Daily Miner May 26, 1882. reports that he is veteran showman, from the Black Hills and Leadville, was making arrangements for a building to have a variety show in, and the paper wonders in print if "things is big as they were in Leadville in 78".
The Albuquerque Evening Review reports June 7,1882 that Billy sic Nuttals and Con Caddican "two of the most popular variety actors"(?) of Leadville" were in the city to lease property for an opera house.
This association led to Billy being accused in a swindle scheme but he was released for lack of evidence. By December 13, 1882 the Deadwood paper reports that he is in private quarters in the Albuquerque Jail charge with gambling. And feels compelled to say "how the mighty have fallen".
December 27 things get more interesting, Wiliam Nuttall and five other prisoners escaped from jail in Albuquerque by cutting their shackles off and digging through the walls of the jail. With him was a confidence man named Sam Houston, two burglars and a man awaiting trial for obtaining money under false pretenses. The paper noted that Billy lives in Pueblo, that is news, and would be expected to turn up there!!!
No more is heard about William Nuttall until October of 1888 he comes to Deadwood and stays at the Keystone hotel and that he is from Glenrock Wyoming, no mention is made of what he was doing in Deadwood
The Rapid City Daily Journal in Rapid City has an advertisement in the October of 1888 paper, He is general agent for the Glen Rock Coal Company and had headquarters in the Harney Hotel, the same little notice appears in the Rapid City Journal for two months and then no more.
April 13, 1889 William Nuttall filed on some State Coal Land, one hundred and eleven acres in Converse County Wyoming,.
His son in law Edmund Wells also filed on land in the same area, the two of them together had over 300 acres of land, and perhaps William was going to be a miner after all! It reported that in May of 1889 he took two eagles to England and to the Paris Exposition "to show them off".
The end of William Nuttalls life is very sad indeed for a man who spent his entire adult life in the entertainment business in at least three states, and founded Rapid City and surely added immensely to life in many a frontier town.
Deadwood doesn't even get the story of his death but Rapid City does. And the Black Hills Weekly Journal has it Special to the Butte Miner, I have no idea why, from Denver Colorado. September 22, 1896.
According to the Denver Post "Six months before he died he came back to Denver from Cheyenne and lived with Mrs EJ White, the proprietress of the Boston lodgings ho use at 1436 Market Street. Here he engaged in a career of drunkenness and dissipation which extended for a period of five weeks."
"William Nuttall well known in sporting circles throughout the west, having produced variety theaters at Leadville, Deadwood, Helena, Virgina City and other mining camps, committed suicide today by taking laudanum, he apparently swallowed enough to kill a half a dozen men.
The day before his death he told a friend Frank Caffery that he intended to kill himself. Suspicious that the old fellow would do something rash, Caffery hastened to his room early in the morning and his worst fears were confirmed.
He didn't die right away, he took the poison either late at night or early morning and he died at 3 in the afternoon despite the efforts a Police Surgeon named Wheeler and wrote a note that made little or no sense. This is part of what Arthur Lakes , editor of the Mining Record in the 502 Block, made out "I am crazy and I will make God crazy and anybody who touches her". He is a fool for he doesn't know nothing, for duty will murder God and angels, young leave her alone or go to Hell quick.
He ended it with a very poignant line; I am going tonight, God Bless everybody.
His health had been undermined by dissipation. Denver Post says even more about this, "He engaged in a career of drunkenness" is one of the nicer things they say about him. He always squandered the $60 he got from Uncle Sam in whiskey and riotous living, they were forced to admit he had always sendta portion of the money to his wife in England!
"The deceased went from here ie Denver to Johannesburg South Africa, about two years ago but owing to ill health he returned and took up residence in Denver."
Denver Post obituary is very hard on Billy and gives a blow by blow account of his death. They say six months before his death he had come to Denver from Cheyenne where he was mining Coal. Another place it says the Coal fields of Wyoming , which may actually have been Converse County where we know he had land with his son in law.
His life was a checkered one and typical of that led by all sporting men. His death will be regretted by many whom he helped in their days of adversity"
There is evidence that he did that, several mentions in the Deadwood days and after he went to Leadville indicate he was of a nature to help people who needed money, he would have shows to raise money for orphans. One was held in Leadville August 3, 1879.
And one was held for Augusta Chambers who according to the Deadwood paper was the Poetess of the Hills, February of 1878.
Some how it seems to me the things the obituaries are short sighted and down right cruel to say about a man who was in some ways trying to be bigger than life.
He went into business numerous times, seems to have had no lack of friends who had money and would throw their lot in with him. Business went bad but not the friendships, certainly testimony to a fair and hopeful man.
It also shows how unfair it can be to judge a man by how he ends his life, not to see the whole of his life. To call him a failure when you don't know what he did for the development of the West, that he founded Rapid City that he brought entertainment and enjoyment to many people in many states in his life.

William and Catherine "Kitty" had five children and one boy, four girls were Mary Virginia , Kate E, Sarah J, Elizabeth and son William.
Mary Virginia Nuttall born Mar 1864 in Virginia City MT. She is said by her family to have been the first white child born in Virgina City Montana, married Edmond Wells in February 28,1884 in Raton New Mexico. He was born in Canada, they lived in Pueblo several months before moving to Pueblo Colorado and on to Douglas and Glenrock Wyoming. They had children Mary Matilda Glen, born in Pueblo Colorado in Aug 1885, married Robert Jonscher in Washington DC Mary ? They had children Glen, Margaret, Robert, Bennett and Helen May.
A girl named Mary Nancy Wells, who only appears in the 1900 census, born Sept of 1888 , In 1900 Mary Wells said she had given birth to ten children and seven were living.
Hazel Wells born February of 1891 married Ralph Williams and a had a son Ralph who when she died in 1922 was partial raised by Fern McCowan and her husband Herb
Edmund Wells Jr was born August of 1892 in Glenrock Wyoming, married Martha Noel July 21, 1916 in Washington DC, they had children Edmund Jr, Darcy and Martha Jean, all of them are living??????????
Iris Fern Wells born April 1894 married Herb McGowan, they had a son Ralph born in Feb 2, 1921 he died July 20, 1991 in Los Angeles California, Iris died in 1924 in Lander Wyoming.
Leora W Nuttall was born October 10, 1895 in Converse County Wyoming, she married Charles Hamilton in 1921 in Los Angeles Californa and they had a son Pat born in 1927 who still lives in San Diego County California, Leora died Nov 30,1988 at Seal Beach Orange County California.
Alice C Nuttall born August of 1899 in Washington DC, she married Harold Delmonte and lived in Lander Wyoming where she died 1998, a year short of one hundred years, her husband lived to one hundred and six years old, dying 28 January 2003. He owned the old Noble Hotel in Lander and in addition collected Indian articles that he put in storage for a future museum..
Edmund Wells worked with or for??? soon to become United States Senator from Wyoming Clarence Clark. In 1896 Edmund and the family moved to Washington DC where he was clerk for Senator Clark for 19 years. When Sen Clark was defeated in 1916 Edmund Wells was in poor health and went to Los Angeles California where he died April 8, 1919.. Edmund Wells in 1889 bought coal land near where William Nuttall had land in Converse County Wyoming. This land maybe still paying dividends to his grandchildren.
In 1920 Mary is living in Lander Wyoming with her grown children. Fern was working as a bookkeeper, later she married Herb McCowan.)
Leora was a stenographer in a law offic and daughter Hazel is married to Ralph Willams, a bank cashier.
In the 1930 census Mary is living with her daughter Alice now married to Harry Del Monte.
The Del Monte's had children Virginia age 6 and Lois age 3 yrs and eight months. Lois now Lindstrom lives in Sandwich Illinois..
Edmund Wells Jr in 1920 was a lawyer in Lander , he had a wife Martha age 24, and a daughter Dorothy age 2 yrs and 4 months.
In 1930 Edmund Jr is a lawyer living in Washington DC with his wife's parents Austin and Fannie Noel. His wifes sister Ethel White and husband John A White are also in the household. Edmund and Martha now have a son Edmond F Wells who is five years old and born in Washington DC.
Mary Virginia Nuttall Wells died July 5, 1930 and is buried with her husband in Mt Hope Cemetery in Lander Wyoming.
Katie E Nuttall married John Watson in 3 July 1890 also in Pueblo Colorado. In the 1900 census they are in Pueblo Colorado and have no children. Her brother William is with them, he is bricklayer and his future wife Sadie Mills lives there also. John died September 21, 1914 and is buried in Mt View Cemetery in Pueblo. Kate may have remarried, no trace of her death was found in records in Pueblo Colorado.
Sarah J Nuttall married Michael Orf February 1890 in Pueblo Colorado. In 1900 they are living in Pueblo Colorado, they have children, Voyle born in March of 1892, in Colorado, Clifford born Dec of 1893 and Bryan born in April of 1896.Michael Orf died January 15, 1902 and is buried in Roselawn Cemetery in Pueblo.
Catherine Nuttall Orf married Milford Low January 9,1908 in Pueblo, in the 1910 census they have with them Clifford, Bryan and Michael age eight years and a little girl of their own Catherine was born April 21, 1909 and a McCaffree, she died in San Mateo California March 4, 1959. The 1920 census finds them still in Pueblo, Clifford Orf is a machinist and Katherine Low is ten years old.
Michael Orf age seventeen, working as a mail carrier. In 1930 Milford and Sarah are still living in Pueblo, he is 72 and she is 60. Milford Low died April 5, 1935 and is buried in Roselawn Cemetery in Pueblo Colorado. Sarah died April 7,1942 and is buried in the block with both of her husbands.
In 1930 Michael Orf Jr is married to Mildred and they have a son Victory M three months old, they are in Pueblo. Bryan is in Denver, married to Ida M and they have children, Ellen, age 19, Milford age six, and Keith age two. No exact match was found for Clifford Orff born in 1893 in the 1930 census.
Elizabeth Nuttall married John Morgan 15 April 1891 in Pueblo Colorado. In 1900 they are living in Chaffee County Colorado they have a son William. A unsourced posting on Ancestry says Elizabeth died 20 July 1905. I do not find her in the 1910 census.
In 1920 a William Morgan age 27 born in Colorado is living alone in Riverside Yakima Washington, he is farming.
1930 census shows a William Morgan born 1893 in Colorado, married to Mildred, they have sons Boyd age five and Floyd eight months old. They are living in Ludwig Snohomish Washington. William is a laborer in a sawmill.
William Nuttall born 7 April 1879 married Sadie Blanche Mills in Feb of 1903 in Pueblo Colorado, he worked for a smelter before he moved to California and died Los Angeles 18 December 1943. He was a carpenter, his wife died Jan 1, 1977 in San Bernadino California. They had a son William Nuttall born March 15, 1904 and died September 17, 1970 in Los Angeles Californa. He was married to Mary E and had a stepson James R who was almost four years old in 1930. In 1930 he is a deliveryman and his wife is working as a waitress. Sadie is working as a seamstress at a garment shop. Son Clifford Nuttall was born March 20,1907 and died in San Bernadino December 25, 1978. In 1930 he is unmarried living in Los Angeles, and working as a laborer in a grocery warehouse. He lived next door to his parents and his brother.
From Ancestry
Sarah Ann Nuttall 1862 – 1863
Mary Virginia Nuttall 1864 – 1930
Catherine 'Kate' Elizabeth Nuttall 1866 –
Sarah Jane Nuttall 1869 – 1943
Elizabeth Belle Nuttall 1872 – 1906
William Joseph Nuttall JR 1879 – 1943

had occasion recently to refer again to your write-up of Billy Nuttall on Findagrave and see that there have been several additions since I last looked at it, not least some photos of his memorial stone. Excellent!

I was intrigued by the reference to Billy having served with Company C of the 16th Illinois Infantry. have an index record for Pension Applications regarding William Nuttall of Co. C 16th Illinois. An application for invalidity was made in 1888 from Wyoming, and applications for his widow and a minor in 1897 from England. This must be our man. Incidentally the widow is named as Emily. I am sure that William's Pension File would make interesting reading! also have a record for "William Nutall" of Co C, 16th Illinois, showing that he enlisted at Colchester, Illinois, on 2 June 1861 and was mustered out on 2 February 1862.

This would suggest that the William Nuttall who arrived in the U.S. on the Ellen Austin in January 1862 was a different man.

Regards, Chris Penn
Family links: 
  Catherine Merthel Baker Huke (1844 - 1900)*
  Mary Virginia Nuttall Wells (1864 - 1930)*
  Catherine Elizabeth Nuttall Code (1866 - 1938)*
  Sarah Jane Nuttall Low (1869 - 1943)*
  Elizabeth Belle Nuttall Morgan (1872 - 1906)*
  William Joseph Nuttall (1879 - 1943)*
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William Nuttall
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William Nuttall
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- Lance
 Added: Jan. 31, 2015
Vet of Civil War from Il believed to be buried in Colorado but recent evidence is that he is not where he was believed to be.
- Ellen Bishop
 Added: Aug. 18, 2012

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