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Erick Olof Swanson
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Birth: Feb. 26, 1873
Gävleborgs län, Sweden
Death: Apr. 23, 1948
Aitkin County
Minnesota, USA

Born in Mållång, near Ljusdal.
See Sven Olof Svensson/Swanson, Erick's fathers memorial, for family history.

This is the Diary of Erik Olof Swanson, born February 26, 1873 in the village of Mållång, parish of Ljusdal, County of Gävleborg, Province of Hälsingland, Sverige/Sweden. He came to the United States arriving in New York harbor on November 29, 1893. He moved west and settled in Minnesota at Aitkin County where he bought a farm near the town of Glory in Nordland Township, Aitkin County, Minnesota.
Erik kept a diary from 1899 and 1900. Erik became the postmaster and owned the general store in the town of Glory. He married Mary Kolin on Sept 18th, 1904, Glory, Nordland Township, Minnesota on the Swanson farm. Mary was born on August 16th, 1884 at Klövsjö, Jämtland, Sweden to Erik (Larsson) Kollin/Kolin and Caroline Hansdotter. Erik and Mary Swanson had 11 children; Eleanore (Stone), Alice (Johnson), Edna (McCready), Alton, Adeline (Roseberg), Walter, Edythe (Bergstrom), Gilbert, Wallace, Gloria (Copley) and Colleen (Loos). Erik passed away on April 23rd, 1948 and Mary on April 17th, 1962 and both are buried at Diamond Lake Cemetery at Maria Chapel, Aitkin County, MN and have gravestones.
Erik's diary is a glimpse into the early life of the Swedish settlers in Aitkin County. Many of them worked in the lumber camps. Erik was a camp cook and made the best blueberry pie in the whole county. The diary reveals real life at the turn of the century in northern Minnesota to a Swede who was newly arrived in America and was just learning the new ways. After he saved up the money, he brought his parents, Sven Olof and Karin Swanson and his sister, Ida Swanson (she married Matt Nickander), from Sweden in 1896.
There is a story about those three (Sven, Karin and Ida) in a New York hotel room. Sven Olof wanted to turn off the gaslight so he blew out the flame in the gaslight that was mounted on the wall and went to bed. Luckily, neighbors could smell the gas and came running to find the source. They turned off the gas and got everyone out of the room. Sven had always before just blown out the flame when he used a lantern and he didn't know that with a gaslight one must turn off the stem valve and not just extinguish the flame. UFF-DA, that was close. So, Ida was able to live to become my grandmother (Mormor). Randy Ida Swanson who was my Grandmother (it was Olofsdotter at first and then Svensson to Swanson here in America) was born July 2nd, 1876 in the village of Storulfsjön, the parish of Torp, in the County of Västernorrland, Province of Medelpad, Sweden to Sven Olof Olofsson and Karin Eriksdotter. Ida arrived in New York on September 14th, 1896 with her parents. They traveled by train to Minnesota and eventually arrived in Aitkin County. In Aitkin County, Ida married Matt (Mattias) Nickander on November 7, 1903. Matt who was from the village of Klövsjö, Province of Jämtland, in Sweden, and was born there on June 4, 1875 to Kjel (Kjelsson) Nickander and Anna Mattiasdotter and had seven children: Berthel (Bert), Alfhild (Sergent), Isabelle (Kehoe), Carl, Linnea (Nicky Franzen) and the twins, Lois (Hagman) and Betty (Wall). Ida died on September 6, 1967 and Matt died on January 2, 1969. They both died at the nursing home, "the Gables", and are buried well-marked graves in Diamond Lake Cemetery at Maria Chapel in Aitkin County.
Attica (address for the diary where it was written) is gone today. It was on the shores of Long Lake in Nordland Township. Kjel Nickander delivered the mail for this route in the 1890's.
The diary was originally published in the book titled, The Nickander-Swanson Story; from Sverige to America and back to Sweden. It came out in 1996 by Randy Calvin Wall. All rights reserve.
The diary was brought into our lives by Beverly (Stone) Gower. She is the daughter of Erick and Mary Swanson's oldest child, Eleanore (Swanson) Stone. Apparently Eleanore had it with her things in California. The diary was found in some old boxes. Beverly gave the diary to her Aunt and Uncle, Colleen (Daughter of Erick and Mary) and Donald Loos, on their 40th Wedding Anniversary.
Joe and Gloria Copley (Another daughter of Erick and Mary) saw the diary, and decided to have it translated into English (this was done by Percy Hanslin of St. Paul, MN).

Diary for 1899;
Starting on January 1st, notes from the year 1899.
In the winter of '98, I worked in Masten's camp 4 miles from my home. In the spring, I worked at the log-rafting camp on the Mud River (Ripple River today) for 66 days as a cook. On July 4th, Ole Edlund, Amanda Edlund and I went to St. Cloud, and we came back on the 7th. The next day I went to Kimberly (also in Aitkin Co) and worked for J. P. William. He was involved in taking up railroad ties from the Rice River. I made $1/day for 12 days. Then I went back home and stayed there until September 15. I worked for a while with Mallberg, helping him breaking ground, and also at Hans Bodin's, so we had 3 acres plowed. On September 15, Matt Nickander and I went to Cloquet and worked for North Paper Mill Co. Matt returned home about a month before I did. I stayed until December 29th when I got a letter, in which they asked me to come home and cook for the Swanson Brothers in a camp not far from my home. I came back home on December 30th. In Cloquet, I made $28 for 2 months of work. Cloquet was a terribly cold place in the early fall, with temperatures down to -28 below. On December 29th, the morning temperature in Aitkin was -36 below.

1898 has been an unsettling year. An American war ship, Maine, was blown up by the Spaniards, which forced the US to defend her right to arm. It led to a glorious victory. But many lives were lost to a fever that hit many young and healthy soldiers. In the fall of the same year, Indians at Leech Lake killed six soldiers. But they had to surrender when reinforcement arrived. We had hardly any forest fires in '98, and it turned out a good year for the farmers, who filled their store houses.
Clough was the Governor of Minnesota, and McKinley was the President of the US, and both probably had a lot to deal with. In 1899 we have a Swedish Governor in Minnesota: John Lind. This is the first time a Swede has held this position.

1 Sun. I stayed at home. During the day, Sievert Swansson visited me during the day and wanted me to cook for him. He offered me $30/month. I went with him to Edlund's, where we spent the evening having fun. Helen and Carolina Kolin were there, as well as Anne Nickander, Sophie Edlund, Ole Edlund, Matt Nickander, Ole Sjödin and Pete Persson. We stayed until 10PM.

2 Mon. Not too cold. I have written to my sister Ida and sent her a memory card. Dad went to town earlier today. I stayed at home all day and enjoyed the peace. I sent for two magazines: The Youth Companion and Farm and Home, but also a barometer and a thermometer.

3 Tue. In the morning, I went to Swansson Brothers and cooked. Dad drove me there. Pete Carlsson was the cook before me. It was a cold and windy day.

4 Wed. Cold and windy. I made bread and cooked. Swanson visited.

5 Thu. Cold and clear. Three new men arrived here. I don't feel too good. I got one of the men to help me in the cooking camp.

6 Fri. Cold and clear. Edlund stopped by for dinner. In the evening, a scaler came and stayed over night.

7 Sat. Cold and windy. Jack was here and rented out.

8 Sun. Clear but not so cold. Pete Linder and one of his workers stopped by. They drove the water tank together with dad. Östman came here to work.

9 Mon. John Swanson went to Aitkin and hired a cook, but he left already the same evening.

10 Tue. I had to go home because I felt weak. Later on, I went to see Edlund and Nickander.

11 Wed. Matt Nickander and I went to Aitkin, where we arrived at 11. I went to see the doctor, who gave me medicine. I had a warm drink at Martin's. When we went back home, Mrs. Mallberg went with us. We came home at 7PM. I had spent $5. I loaned Matt $1. I went to Morin's for dinner. It was windy, but not too cold. I sent a letter to Edholm in Cloquet, and I sent for a book about the War.

12 Thu. Windy but not cold. I was out sawing some fire woods. We wrote two letters to Sweden; one to Lundell, and one to my childhood friend, Axel Svedberg. I sent for an 1899 calendar from Captain And. A. Lofstrom, Chicago, 113 Oak Street, Ill. - Andrew Hasselius stopped by. Some time ago, he shot himself in the arm with his Winchester, and had to spend a lot of time in the doctor's office.

13 Fri. Fine weather in the morning. Dad and I went out and sawed, and made some [railroad] ties. After supper, I went to the Post Office and mailed six letters, of which two went to "the old country". I ran into Maggie and Sophie Edlund, who brought my mail. I went to Elm Island Lake and bought fish for 35 cents. Carolina was there and invited us to a 20-day-after-Christmas party. I went there in the evening. We were only two boys and five girls: Matt and Anne Nickander, Bessie and Caroline Kolin, Maggie Mallberg and Sophie Edlund. We had a lot of fun, and I came home at 2AM.

14 Sat. Nice weather. We went out and sawed some ties. After supper we went out gathering hay. Then I sent for a Sear's Catalogue.

15 Sun. Nice weather. Mom and dad went to visit Edlund's. I stayed home, where Matt Nickander visited me. In the evening, I went to Edlund's. I ran into Anne Nickander and Caroline Kolin. We - Sophie and Ole Edlund, Kristin Newström and I - were invited to skate at Kolin's, where we went at 8PM. We stayed there until 10PM, and then we went home.

16 Mon. Nice weather. Dad drove to town with railroad ties. I went to pick up the mail at the Post Office. Sophie went with me home. I visited Nickander's in the evening.

17 Tue. Went to the camp and started cooking. Otto Svärd used to be the cook.

18 Wed. Good weather.

19 Thu. Good weather and thaw, so they had to quit hauling logs at 2PM.

20 Fri. Good weather and no one could haul logs.

21 Sat. Nice weather. Sievert went to town to shop. In the evening, some of us from the camp went to Edlund's for a meeting. Bergman was there. Sophie and I had cheese. I got a letter from her which she had gotten from St. Cloud.

22 Sun. Many farmers have left for home, and many are at a meeting at Peter Linder's. I have to stay home and be lonely. We had some rain in the PM, and we didn't have more than ten for supper. I went home in the evening to see mom and dad.

23 Mon. Windy and a little colder.

24 Tue. Nice weather. More horses arrived here, and they started to haul. We had nineteen men here. Mr and Mrs Kolin visited. They brought me milk, and Caroline helped me with the dessert.

25 Wed. A little snow. Andrew and Sievert are home chopping wood. I received the thermometer in the mail that I had sent for and two letters. One of the letters was from Hans in Aitkin, and one from Chicago. It's getting colder, and it started to snow and storm in the evening.
26 Thu. Windy in the morning and rather cold, but things calmed down in the evening. They hauled lumber only half the day today, and the scaler came to visit. Ole Edlund stayed at home in the afternoon.

27 Fri. A cold and windy. New arrivals today. I asked to get Otto Svärd, the cook, to help me, so we could finish the dessert quickly in the evening.

28 Sat. Got a letter from Schroeder. Dad visited, and so did Jonas Kelly. I got a cook to help me, Andrew Swanson was his name.

29 Sun. Many of the farmers have left. In the evening, Jan Wallin, Andrew Dahlberg and I visited Kolin's and had a lot of fun. We came back to camp at 12:15AM. We had had fun, but the walk home was cold and rough.

30 Mon. Cold and clear. I'm tired, due to lack of sleep. Two new men came today; C. Ekman and Frank. The temperature in Aitkin was -43B the 29th and the 30th. This was the coldest in a long time.

31 Tue. Cold and windy. Three new arrivals from Mud Lake came here to work. We got a sack of flour. January has been both mild and cold. We reached -43 degrees, but also so mild weather that they couldn't haul any logs. Today I received two letters. And two catalogues, one from Engberg and one from Sear's Roebuck.


1 Wed. Cold in the morning. Ole Edlund is in bed because he has a back pain. Andrew Dahlberg got hit in the eye by a branch, so he cannot work either. Kolin stayed here all afternoon. Jacobsson stayed home, too, because he broke the harness.

2 Thu. Not so cold. Sievert has been back home for potatoes; 10 bags.

3 Fri. Ole Edlund went to help his father. Not so cold. Edlund and Edvall visited for supper. They brought my overcoat.

4 Sat. Cold and windy. Hägglund visited. A scaler was here. Many farmers have gone home.

5 Sun. Cold. Pete Carlsson visited. Dale's son was also here, and so was Sjödin, who stayed for supper. Then I went back home with him and stayed at home for two hours. Then I had to return to camp. It was 11PM when I got back.

6 Mon. Cold. Sievert went to town for supply: three bags of flour, forty lbs. of sugar, and fifteen lbs. of assorted fruits.
7 Tue. Cold. Six men left the camp: Wallin and two of his boys, Sandberg from Mud Lake, and Johansson, so now there are only 13 men here.

8 Wed. Colder! Aitkin had -45 degrees.

9 Thu. Cold. Four men stayed in. Ole Edlund and Andrew Dahlberg stayed in all day and played cards. Dad visited and brought me some clothes. Edlund stopped by for supper.

10 Fri. A little better weather.

11 Sat. Cold and many went home because it was too cold to be outside. Sandberg visited from Johnstone camp.

12 Sun. A little better weather, but we have had -50 degrees days and worse. We have had this kind of weather for more than two weeks, and we were only four men at the camp this afternoon. Nicer weather in the PM.

13 Mon. Better weather. Andrew Newstrom from Aitkin visited with a subpoena to Ostman, Olsson and Jim Swansson. He told us that Ida Nickander (Forsland) was pregnant (not Erik's sister but Matt's sister. Ida Swanson became Ida Nickander and Ida Nickander became Ida Forsland. There were two Ida's in the small village, that lived side by side). Olsson stopped by and picked up the things he had left after quitting here. The scaler was here and the grinder's boy.

14 Tue. Snow in the morning. But later it got quite nice, although a little cloudy. Edman visited for supper, as well as scaler Nyman. Everybody was at home at 7PM.

15 Wed. Nice weather. It's thawing, and the workers stayed at home. Mother was here visiting me. The weather is mild and hard on the snow.

16 Thu. Rain between 3 and 4AM. I got up and lighted a fire. Then I got back to bed and stayed there until 5AM. Today we could not haul. Sandberg stays in because he has been ill for two days.

17 Fri. Nice weather; a little snow, but it was gone by 10AM. They hauled the entire day. Ole Olsson arrived here in the morning from Mud Lake.

18 Sat. Clear and nice in the morning. Ekman and Ostman planned on going home early, but they stayed for supper. Then they left. Nice weather. Only six men here for supper.

19 Sun. Nice weather. Only six men for breakfast. Andrew Gould went to Andrew Swansson, and I went to Matson's Camp where I met many people that I worked with last year in the camp. We got to ride with Annie and Kristin Swing down to their farm. Then we went home and dad gave us a lift back to the camp. There were some farmers who were having a meeting about crime. Among them were Pete Linder, Anderson, Olsson, Löfgren, Nickander. They stayed until 8PM. It was nice weather, so the roads were fine. There were only three men here for supper.

20 Mon. Nice weather. Ed Bowes was here, and Månsson, a scaler. We had only four men for supper. The workers brought their own dinner.

21 Tue. Nice weather, but it looks like rain. Häggkvist and Kjellberg quit today. Arthur Dopai was here and borrowed a shovel. Andrew Swansson went to the Post Office in the evening.

22 Wed. A cold wind. It looks like we're in for snow. Charlie Ekman stayed over night. John Swansson went to Aitkin for a meeting on crime. Fjell visited, and so did Edlund, who came to see if Häggqvist was here for supper. The Eklund boys were here, and so was Grindell's boy. The people in the camp stayed inside, except for Andrew Gould, Svedberg and Ole Olsson.

23 Thu. Cold and windy, but no snow. Ole Edlund went home, so there were only 5 men left for supper. Sievert came home in the evening.
24 Fri. Cloudy and a cold wind. A little snow before the sun went up. Dele was here in the camp for supper. I sent for a magazine by the name of Good Literature. I enclosed 10 cents worth of stamps for a six-month subscription of the magazine, and 20 books. John Swansson returned from Duluth. He and Pete Eklund had been there and found a lawyer to look into crimes at Long Lake.

25 Sat. A little snow. Andrew Gould went to Aitkin to rent some horses. Sievert drove here, but there wasn't enough snow. Ostman visited, and stayed until Sunday. Olsson came, and so did Erik Mallberg. Andrew and I visited Pete Carlsson in the evening. It was still snowing a little. We came home at 11PM.

26 Sun. Heavy snow, and windy. Pete Carlsson stayed for supper. Mallberg visited in the afternoon. Ole Sjödin came to log - he started in the afternoon. Andrew Gould came home from town, and he brought two bottles. He offered everybody a drink. Ekman came to the camp. It stopped snowing in the afternoon, but the wind was cold.

27 Mon. Clear and cold. They had four horses for the sleds. Kjellberg and Häggqvist visited in the evening. A little snow.
28 Tue. Clear and a little cold. Månsson was here. Andrew Gould came back, and so did Svedberg. I got two letters; one from J. Wallin, and one with two nature magazines.
MARCH 1899

1 Wed. Clear and cold.

2 Thu. A lot of snow in the morning, but nice weather. They finished up at Noon. Olsson is going home.

3 Fri. Häggqvist and Kjellberg finished their sawing. Nice weather. Andrew Gould is helping them hauling logs. Edlund stopped by to pick up Olson's clothes. Nice weather in the afternoon. Only one man for supper.

4 Sat. Cold in the morning. Ole Sjödin is going home. Dad visited in the morning, bringing me clothes. Ekman's boy was here with a letter for Ekman. Dad has sold 5 hay-stacks for $10, and he said that he had hauled in ties for $17.

5 Sun. Windy and cold. They are skidding and hauling today. Svedberg has left. A tough wind today. Sivert visited Pete Carlsson.

6 Mon. It's a terribly cold wind, and also cold air. Today they will finish the skidding and hauling in 9 and 10. Ed Daley and Bill Prince were here.
7 Tue. Today we moved to Swanson Brother's home. It was cold and nasty in the beginning. Ekman was with and hauled a load. We spent the night on the floor at the cooking camp, and we froze a lot.

8 Wed. We worked at the sleeping camp, putting up a roof and a floor. We slept there when Andrew and I had found ourselves a spring mattress. We slept quite well. Gus Pederson was here and asked about some hauling jobs.

9 Thu. Nice weather. I stayed at home, hauling hay. The Swansson Brother's took down the camp where we had been last winter. Masten finished up at 2PM with hauling at the Clear Lake Camp. I stayed at home, hauling hay, but I went here and made supper. Andrew Swanson was at home, also.

10 Fri. Snow and windy. Swanson hauls on 25. Eklund and Andrew are skidding. Erik and Bessie Mallberg brought some flour and eggs. Only 3 for supper. Ole Jonson was here, en route to Aitkin to collect his winter earnings. Bernhard Peterson was here for supper.

11 Sat. Cloudy and cold. John and Sievert went to town today, as well as Ekman, Hallman and Peterson. Mallberg and John came home at 6PM, and Sievert at 8PM. Mallberg was drunk - he had been in town for almost a week. Then John had to bring him home.
12 Sun. A little snow during the night, and windy. I had a toothache, so I could not sleep. Mallberg returned early in the morning to pick up his horses. He stayed until 10AM. I got two letters; one from Fred Barker in Duluth, and one from Andrew. I went home in the afternoon. I was accompanied by Swing and Nickander's girls. I stayed until 6PM, when I had to go back home again. The Swanson's boys, from Rabbit Lake, came then, as did Pete Peterson and Ole Sjödin. Nice weather in the evening.

13 Mon. Cold wind and cloudy. Andrew and I chopped wood. Hellman was here. We are only 5 men working here now.

14 Tue. Town meeting. John and Sievert have left, and I have hauled wood. Mrs Hellman was here, and in the afternoon, John and Sophie Hellman brought some eggs. Hans Bodin visited. Sievert was elected Council Chairman. It started to snow rather hard in the evening.

15 Wed. A lot of snow; windy. John went to Farm Island Township to buy lumber. Sievert went to Pete pick up the sheep. Visited Bill Carlson's in the afternoon. Nice weather in the PM.

16 Thu. Clear and nice weather. Today I quit at Swanson Brother's. I had worked for 51 days, so I got a check for $65. Jonas Kelly was here and helped dad hauling hay. I visited Kelly's in the evening. I met Andrew Hasselius.
17 Fri. I bought some lumber from Peterson, and I picked up my things at Swanson Brother's. We went to Clear Lake in the afternoon to pick up some lumber. We had a load of 700 feet pulled by one horse. We spent the evening here.

18 Sat. Cold in the air. I went over to Matson's Camp and tore down Pederson's old camp. I bought it for $6. Dad went to Clear Lake for more lumber, which we had left there. Pete Linder hauls the logs. We hauled hay for Lingroth, and in the evening, we went for a load [of hay] for ourselves.

19 Sun. I stayed at home until Erik Wallin came. I picked up some orders that we had sent for with Kelly. In the evening, Erik, Jonas and I visited Nickander and had fun. We got a cow, but she is pretty difficult to milk. We stayed up the entire night. We had to walk home. Cold weather.

20 Mon. I tore down the camp. We got a lot of lumber. Dad went to Clear Lake for more lumber. Cold weather.

21 Tue. Went to Olson at Clear Lake looking for a chip-work (from saw mill). I went to Lundin and borrowed a plane. I came back home in the evening. Then Andrew Gould, Jonas and Erick Wallin came, so I had to go out with them. I went to Peterson and paid him $10. It snowed all day.

22 Wed. Dad and I chopped wood for railroad ties, which we then hauled home. Very cold!

23 Thu. Cold. Dad and Edlund went to Aitkin with ties. Dad bought flour and bread, an ax and a milking stool, and a pair of pants. He came back at 7PM, and brought Sophie Edlund. I built the fence work.

24 Fri. Dad hauled hay for Lingroth. I stayed at home and wrote two letters. I sent for two books for 46 cents. I went to the Post Office and picked up the mail for Nickander, Edlund, Pete Linder, Kelly and Kolin. I got a picture of Ida Nickander, and I had dinner at Edlund's. I got two letters; one from Alfred Norin in St. Cloud, and one from Barker in Duluth.

25 Sat. A lot of snow - 7". It ended in the afternoon. We hauled the fence work and wood.

26 Sun. Clear and nice weather. I went to see Wallin. Erik Wallin visited me, and then we went to the Swing farm. Norin's folks visited us in the evening with a friend from the old country. His name is Jan Selon. Then we went to Nickander's, and then to Louis Swing, where we had a lot fun. Sophie, Annie and Ida Nickander, and Eva Hedberg visited too, and we had a lot of fun. We came back home at midnight.

27 Mon. Clear and cold. We sawed tongue-and-groove. In the evening we went to Hasselius. We got 3 inches of snow.

28 Tue. Cold. We sawed wood. Ida's sister came home. She had bought a sawing machine. Korby drove her home.
29 Wed. Cold. Sawed wood.

30 Thu. Cold. Finished the sawing. In the evening, we went to Edlund's, visiting Sophie. I went with her and visited Edward.

31 Fri. Cold. Good Friday. John Lundin, Ole Edlund and I visited Edholm's. We stayed until 7PM. The we went to Nickander's for supper. The Sjödin boys were there also. We stayed until 1AM.

APRIL 1899

1 Sat. Cold. We chopped wood for a while in the morning. In the evening, Matt Nickander visited.

2 Sun. Ida and Annie Nickander visited. Then Annie, Ole Jonson, Olle Sjödin, Arne Matson, Emmanuel and Pete. Peterson, then Jonas Kelly and Martha Nickander. Then we went up to Nickander's for supper. Ole Jonson and Andrew Hasselius visited us for s short time. We stayed at Nickander's until 1AM.

3 Mon. Ida and I went to town. Lundin went with us, and so did Edlund's. I met many people that I know. I got money from Foley, $92. I bought 7 chairs, and some other things. All in all, I spent $22. I got home late in the evening. I brought home some 'stuff' for Kolin.

4 Tue. Brought some 'stuff' to Kolin. In the afternoon, we did some carpentry work.

5 Wed. Went to Edlund's and to Kolin's and had a knife made. I also went to Matt and he cut my hair. Had supper there. A little snow.

6 Thu. Started working on the porch. Good weather. Went to Lundin's in the evening. Worked a little more on the porch. The weather is getting even better now.

7 Fri. Nice weather. Worked on the porch. Matt Nickander visited in the evening, and he brought the mail.

8 Sat. Nice weather.

9 Sun. Edlund's visited, and the Ida and I visited them. Ole was there, and he went home with us later. Linder was here and asked me to man the Post Office. In the evening, Annie Nickander, Matt Nickander, Erik Wallin, Andrew Hasselius and Jonas Kelly visited. We had a good time. Then they all left.

10 Mon. Cloudy and quite windy. Ida and I were invited to Jonas Kelly. We stayed until 10PM.

11 Tue. Nice weather. Worked on the porch.
12 Wed. Worked on the porch. Sophie Edlund visited, and we had fun. In the evening I went with her home. I brought Annie. We stayed until midnight.

13 Thu. Nice weather; a little rain. Began some ground work. Went to Linder's for a carriage.

14 Fri. Ida and I went to town. I bought oat and hay seeds, and picked up some other seed packages. Came home at 8PM.

15 Sat. Snow in the morning. I went to Linder's with the carriage. Then we worked, building on the kitchen. Ida went to Edlund's. I got a letter from Matthew.

16 Sun. Matt visited, as well as Ole Edlund, Jonas Kelly and Anna Nickander. We played croquet. Then we went to Edlund's, where we ran into Ole Jonson and Andrew Hasselius. We stayed there until 8:30.

17 Mon. Thunder today, although it was quite cold. Later on it turned milder. Andrew, Ole Jonson and Ole Edlund went fishing. Nickander stopped by and wanted me to witness a mortgage. Edlund and I signed [the statement]. Mr and Mrs Kelly were here, and so was Mrs. Edlund. Matt and I went fishing, but we didn't catch anything. We ran into Erik Wallin. I put up a bird feeder. Edlund went to town to see the doctor. Ida is with Sophie.
18 Tue. It looks like rain. Matt went to the Post Office. I got the book about the war. Went fishing - got two.

19 Wed. Ida and I visited Edlund's and met Sophie. She is quite ill. Doctor Grave was there. We were tired, because we didn't get much sleep. In the evening I spent the night away from home.

20 Thu. A little rain in the morning. I went to Edlund's to see Sophie. She was unconscious. All she could do was to squeeze my hand. Ole took Amanda home. In the afternoon, we built, and in the evening, I went to Linder's and logged.

21 Fri. I was building. Ida went to Edlund's and stayed there until Sophie died. She died in the afternoon, at 3 o'clock. She was 17 years old, almost 18. Matt was here in the evening, when Ida came home and told about Sophie's death. She was one of my best friends - always so cheerful and content. She will be missed by me and all her young friends.

22 Sat. I went into town and bought a black suite for the funeral. I cost me $12.50. In addition, I bought gloves and a hat for dad. I got some money back from Porter's, because one of the clerks had cheated me. We came home at 9PM. I bought medicines for Matt, which I delivered later in the evening.
23 Sun. Went to Linder's in the morning, and saw Ida. Lena Edlund and Annie Skenk came back here with me. Matt visited us.

24 Mon. Funeral at Edlund's. 17 horse teams and rigs were there. All related to Sophie. A lot of people came from all over.

25 Tue. We worked on building the kitchen.

26 Wed. I plowed today. Matt went to town and bought me a pair of shoes.

27 Thu. We did nothing today! Nice weather.

28 Fri. Very windy in the evening, almost stormy.

29 Sat. Better weather. Went to see Kristina Swing.

30 Sun. Cold wind. Didn't do anything.

MAY 1899

1 Mon. Windy and cold. I stayed inside half the day. Matt and I were at home.

2 Tue. A cold wind and rain. Took it easy today.

3 Wed. Matt, Ole and I went home because of all the rain. I was driving, so I didn't write anything between the 4th and the 17th of May. On the 13th, there was a party at Sjödins, and many log drivers were there. I got Annie Nickander and a Danish girl, so I had two. On the 13, 14, 15 and 16 of May it was cold and rainy. We were at Sjödin's dock for 6 days. I was home on the 14th and 15th planting trees in the garden. I planted 100 of them.

16 Tue. Rain. Matt and I dressed up [in funny clothes] and walked around in the neighborhood. Many people did not recognize us.

JUNE 1899

17 We arrived at Aitkin with the logs [they were log-driving]. We were all laid up for 17 days.

18 Ole, Erik, Matt and I went home today. Ingrid, Britta's [paternal] aunt was here. Many other girls came, too: Eva, Annie Swing, Anne Lingroth, Minnie Lingroth and Ida Linder. Ole Edlund and Louis Swing were here. In the evening, I went to Linder's with Ida, and stayed there until 11PM. On the 25th, all eight of us were invited to Dahlquist, but Ida Linder came here and wanted me to stay at home. And I did. I stayed at home until mom and dad came back from Edlund's. Then I went home with Ida, and stayed there until 9PM.
JULY 1899

I stayed at home the entire time. On the 4th, there was a party at Pete Linder's. A lot of people were there. Alfred Norin was visiting from St. Cloud. In the evening I sent up a balloon and a few rockets. We were at Nickander's in the evening and had a good time. On the 5th, Norin went back home, and so did my aunt, Inga-Britta. I was paid $2.25 for the log-driving a day. I got $76. I was home working on the kitchen the entire summer, and I had a really good time. It's been dry and hot for a while. We went fishing at Long Lake many times: Ida, Nickander, and sometimes Kelly and I.


On August 1st, we began harvesting dry and nice hay. We had good weather until the 7th. Then it rained almost every day until the 21st. We keep the hay outside. We went to Kolin's and harvested on the 16th. On the 13th, Erik Vallin, Ida Linder, Eva Hedberg, Minnie Lingroth and I went to a party at Clear Lake. I had the opportunity to ride with Ida.

On the 18th, the lightning struck our barn.
We have a lot of nice flowers this summer.

20 Sun. Rain and thunder during the night. I went to Lingroth. In the afternoon, Erik Wallin came visiting, and then I left with him to visit Ling's, because Eva Hedberg was there. I visited Nickander's at night. Annie went with me home to pick up the clothes she had left here on May 18th. Ida had toothache, and I gave her two kinds of medicine.

21 Mon. Nice weather. In the morning we worked on the kitchen, and in the afternoon we harvested the peas. It's a nice and beautiful evening; the moon is shining on the verdant earth.

22 Tue. Nice weather. Kolin visited, and so did Eklund's. In the evening, I visited Linder's.

23 Wed. Kolin came here to do some masonry. We had such a terrible weather, that the road cracked. We had to fix it. John Sjödin visited when Kolin had left. In the evening I visited Linder, and had him help us with the road.

24 Thu. Nice weather. We are working on the road, Eklund, Nickander, Linder and I. I went to pick up the horses in the morning. Mrs. Eklund visited. Kelly visited in the evening. For the first time we used our nets in Lake 36.

25 Fri. Cloudy, warm, no rain. We only caught two fishes during the night. In the morning we finished the work on the stable. In the afternoon, mom and dad went out and picked blueberries. I went out and gathered the cows. There is more water now than in the spring in Mud River. I ran into Lindgren's from Martin Lake.
26 Sat. Nice weather. Kolin is here and doing his masonry work. I helped dad. Kolin and Edlund visited. Erik Bodin, Nickander, Jonas Kelly and I almost finished the chimney. We have only five more to go.

27 Sun. Nice weather. I stayed at home almost the entire day, reading. Mr and Mrs Linder visited. Dad picked up the horses. I went to Nickander's for a short visit. There was Jonas Kelly. We had coffee. Ida and Annie were at home, but the 'old folks' were at a meeting on Sec. 10.

28 Mon. I went to town. Stan Lingroth came with me home. I sold some roots for $2.25. I bought lumber from Tack. Nils Ole came out here

29 Tue. Nice weather. We stacked wheat. Kolin was here and finished the chimney. In the evening I went for hay. Jonas Kelly was here.

30 Wed. Rain in the evening. We cut oats until the rain started. Then I went to Swing's with the kerosene I had bought in the city. They met me with their boat. I went with them inside and met John and Annie. Nickander was out gathering his cows.

31 Thu. Cloudy. We finished cutting the oats. We got 63 sheaves with oats, and 75 sheaves with wheat.


1 Fri. Mild and no rain. We worked on putting in windows and doors in the kitchen. Mr Edvall and Lina Edlund stopped by on the way home from picking cranberries. Jonas Kelly visited. Windy tonight.

2 Sat. Quite windy during the night, and I could not go to sleep until after midnight. It was thundering, also. We worked on the kitchen. Nils Ole was here, and so was Kelly. In the evening, we set out nets. It's been a nice day today.
3 Sun. Good weather. We had a meeting at Edlund's, with quite a few people. There we heard that Ida Linder was engaged. Erik went home with me. Then Jonas Kelly came, followed by Ida and Annie Nickander and Eva Hedberg. We all went out with Eva on the 30 Lake. The boat almost sank, and we were all quite scared. Ida cried, but we made it back to shore. It was very strange how the water leaked in, but we don't know from where. In the evening we went to Kelly's and had water melons. From there I went home and read Farm and Home.

4 Mon. We worked on the kitchen, building the roof. We put out the nets again, but didn't catch more than two fishes. In the evening, I visited Kelly's.

5 Tue. We went to the march-meadow and checked the hay, but there was too much water, and we couldn't do anything. So we worked with the kitchen. In the evening, Edlund visited.

6 Wed. It rained almost the entire day. And it was thundering from yesterday night until tonight. In the evening I went to Linder's. Nils Olof was there. Kelly came here. We moved into the kitchen today. We fixed the kitchen porch. Nickander stopped by.

7 Thu. Nice weather. We made a kitchen table, and a box for fire-wood. Then we painted the chimney. In the evening I went to Kelly's and sent for a glass for the oil-lamp. I also sent a letter to Ida.

8 Fri. Nice weather. We worked on the kitchen porch. Erik Bodin was here. Ida went to the Post Office. I went and gathered the cows at Lillsjön [the Little Lake].

9 Sat. We worked on the kitchen porch. Kelly was here. We went out and released the horses. In the evening, we went fishing in Long Lake. We caught 18 fishes in our net, and quite a few with our poles. We spent the night at Skarin's. We talked until 12:30AM!

10 Sun. Warm weather. We returned from Long Lake at 10AM. Erik Wallin visited. Then came John and Ole Sjödin when we played croquet. Ida Nickander went to town yesterday to work at Foley Hotel.

11 Mon. We cut hay on #1; three haystacks. Then I gathered the cows. Mother was feeling weak when we got home. Nice weather.

12 Tue. We planted on #1. Kolin stopped by.

13 Wed. I gathered the horses at Norskpackarnas [The Norwegian Packer's] Camp. Then we stacked the oats in the morning, and in the afternoon, we picked corn. Nickander visited in the evening.

14 Thu. Nice weather. We were out stacking the last of our hay. Edlund and Edvall were here, and so was Mrs Louis (Anna) Swing. I went out to gather our cows.

15 Fri. I helped Kolin cut the large march-meadow. 'Old man' Sjödin was there also, and he had a lot of funny stories to tell. It rained in the evening. Dad gathered the horses, because we were going to Aitkin. Nickander visited.

16 Sat. Rain and windy. Dad and I went to Aitkin in the morning. It was fun! In spite of rain and storm, we rode the merry-go-round a few times. We saw some people we know. We came back home at 9PM.

17 Sun. Nice weather. I went to see Jonas Kelly, and then we went to see Nickander. When we got there, Mrs Kolin and Mary Kolin were there, and all of them went back home with me. When we got home, mom had gone to visit Lingroth, so I had to entertain them all the best I could. In the evening, Jonas and I went to visit Wallin and Swing's.

18 Mon. Nice weather. I went to town with Kelly's. They brought some cattle. I went home with Linder. Nils Olof and Ida walked around in the town for a long time.

19 Tue. A little rain. We removed some tree-trunks. Later, Kelly and I brought some sugar corn to Long Lake.
20 Wed. I went to Nickander's and picked sugar corn. Lingroth was there with a Council petition, which he wanted us to sign. The children were in town having their pictures taken.

21 Thu. I was in town, where I met Paul and many other friends. I bought a plow and some lumber.

22 Fri. I picked corn at Nickander's. Dad is at Edlund's. Annie and I had a long discussion about "a little bit of everything".

23 Sat. I burned the outhouse and measured up some land. Dad was at Edlund's. I visited Kelly's in the afternoon.

24 Sun. Lundmark and Nickander were here, and so were Jonas Kelly and Kolin. In the afternoon we visited Eva and ate so much water melon and musk melon that I almost got sick. We stopped at Nickander's on the way home.

25 Mon. I went to town, and I brought Annie Nickander. We had a lot of fun. I brought Mallberg and Kolin back from town. I also brought my lumber home.

26 Tue. We went to section #10 (Land) for confirmation. There were 26 children. There were a lot of people. I hauled Edlund's lumber.

27 Wed. We dug up mangel beets and potatoes. In the evening, I went to Mallberg's for the plow. Mr and Mrs Kelly visited us. Windy.

28 Thu. Cold wind and snow in the morning - the first of the season. I went to Nickander's and had the mare plowing. We have plowed today. A cold wind the entire day.

29 Fri. Cold overnight, and the ground is frozen deep. I used Nickander's horse to plow.

30 Sat. We dug up all the mangel beets, onions and carrots - quite a nice harvest with roots and garden "stuff"! We had one root which weighed 10 lbs. Jonas Kelly visited us. Today is Michaelmas [a church festival celebrated on September 29 in honor of the archangel Michael].


1 Sun. Erik Wallin, Jonas Kelly, John and Ole Sjödin visited, as well as Annie Sjödin, Ida Linder and Annie Nickander. We played croquet. Erik Mallberg and Edlund were also here, and Hägglin, J. Haglund, Edvall and Martha Åsberg visited from town. In the evening, I visited Nickander's and Kelly.

2 Mon. I plowed. Linder was here. Martha Åsberg went home. I had supper at Nickander's, and we talked for a while. Mom and dad picked up potatoes.

3 Tue. A little rain in the night, but it cleared during the day, so we had nice weather when we picked up the last potatoes; and hauled in the corn. We got approx. 100 bushels of potatoes - a rather good harvest, because we've had so much rain. Jonas Kelly was here, and Lingroth left for town with the Lindberg's.
4 Wed. Nice weather. We stacked some hay which had been left outside for more than a month. We also picked up the cabbage - it looked quite good.

5 Thu. Nice weather. George Linder was here and inquired about a cook. I promised to work for him. In the evening I went to Edlund's and Nickander's and I got back home rather late.

6 Fri. I went to Mallberg and sent a letter to Aitkin, with the scaler, telling that I would come and cook. Then we used Nickander's mare and plowed. Mallberg wanted to hire me as a cook.

7 Sat. We plowed and trussed. It was a nice day, and we were sweating. I brought the horse back to Nickander's in the evening.

8 Sun. John Sjödin visited and told me that he had heard that they wanted to hire me as a cook for $40/month. Dad and I went to town. I got a letter from Fredrikson. We went to the Baptist Church for a meeting.

9 Mon. Rain. Dad went back home. I went to town and took hire for John Thompson - $40/month plus a (female) cook. I met Ida Nickander. She wanted us to go up to the hotel room. In the evening, I met many friends from Kimberly and Rice Lake. I visited Åsberg's.
10 Nice and clear. We were in Aitkin until 2PM. We went up to Tamarack and got there at 4PM. Then we went towards Thompson's Camp, 6 miles from Tamarack. We had to walk through mile-long swamps, with water up to our rear ends. We did not end up in the predetermined spot, so we had to stay on the road. We went in to Swanson's homestead shanty and made a fire. Then Gene Taylor came home and he let us stay in his camp. We slept on the floor, and we had no supper.
11 In the morning, without having any breakfast, we went up to the camp. After we [finally] had something to eat, we went to bed and slept until supper time. Then I started to cook and made supper. We had a lot of rain today. Only 7 men here. Charles Criss is the boss.

12 Thu. Cloudy the entire day. And lightning. But the men were out working. Lightning during the night between 11th and 12th. In the evening, the 12th, we had a lot of thunder. I have written four letters: one for dad, one for mom, one for my sister, and one for Ida Nickander.

13 Fri. Clear weather, windy. A team from Aitkin arrived. I wrote a letter to Alfred Norin.

14 Sat. Cloudy. A state teamster was here from Arngrer's camp. I wrote a letter for Nils Persson to his father. We got a barrel of cranberries, cabbage, carrots and potato-soup.

15 Sun. Rain. Thompson came up here. It rained the entire day, and we had heavy thundering. Tamarack has risen above flood water level.

16 Mon. Cloudy. Thompson went down to Aitkin for a boat to bring X back to the camp. A man was here, who was to work for Green. He had dinner here. I sent four letters to Aitkin.

17 Tue. Clear and nice weather. They started to build the camp. We're waiting for Thompson to return. It's a beautiful evening. Tonight, the moon will shine over the surface of our earth. I don't feel too good.

18 Cloudy. Wednesday. A little snow in the air. I was quite homesick. They are putting in a floor in the camp.
19 Thu. Nice weather, warm and sunny. They were building on the camp.

20 Fri. Nice weather. Ed Shriver went to Aitkin. Two deer ran across our camp. I wrote a proposal letter for Nils Peterson.

21 Sat. Cloudy and foggy.

22 Many dinner guests today. Frank and Charles went to Green's to see a girl, but she wasn't there. George Hansson's came up here by boat.

23 Mon. Cloudy in the morning, but it cleared in the afternoon. We had a (timber) cruiser here (lumber appraiser for the cut wood). Gene and Charles didn't come back until 8:30PM. I have done a lot today. I have baked and I have put paper [in the cupboards] in the camp.

24 Tue. Cloudy. Jim went to B. Wright. The first day we loaded. 3 men came from Aitkin, and another man stopped by for lunch.
25 Wed. They worked on the other camp today. Charlie cut himself [with an ax] in the foot. It was bad. I made him a pair of crutches. We put up paper in the cooking camp. I got 35 cents worth of stamps.

26 Thu. Cloudy. The cook went to Wright for a saw. I got a letter from Ida's sister. Sven Jonsson was here looking for log drivers.

27 Fri. They finished the camp today, and moved in at night. Nils Peterson came in, and we talked about girls and other things. I got 10 cents worth of envelopes.

28 Sat. They built a basement. Nils Forselius was ill, so he didn't attend supper, either. Nice weather. We put up paper in the cooking camp.

29 Sun. Nice weather. Ed and Charley were out hunting for deer. The day progressed as usual - nothing new. I wrote a letter to John Sjödin.

30 Mon. Nice weather, not cold. The cook brought out lunches 3 miles into the woods. There were only five men who had lunch. Ed went out looking for deer. He saw one bear and two deer. I made bread in the cooking camp, and brought in one water barrel. I made yeast.
31 Tue. Windy and a little cold and cloudy. James Thompson came up from town. He was so drunk he had to go to bed when he got here. We had a flood, which stopped all the sawing in Aitkin. The first days of this month I was at home, breaking. Then I went to the woods to cook, to James Thompson in Aitkin, to Tamarack, to a camp 6 miles from the station. There were only six men, and I did the cooking. So I had a lot of free time. But we had a hard time getting there. We had to stay in a camp along the way, and there were water up to our knees. Towards the end of October, the weather was nice, and mild. Still no frost.


1 Wed. Clear, a little windy. Ed went to Wright for some stuff. Jim was ill, and didn't eat anything until supper. Some shanty-men passed by here on their way to the prairie.

2 Thu. Nice weather, but I was a little cold during the night. Jim stopped by for breakfast at 10AM. I made a chair.

3 Fri. Nice weather. Ed returned from Wright. He brought me five letters: two from home, one from Erik Wallin, one from Matt Nickander, and one from a company.

4 Sat. Nice weather. I wrote a letter for Nils Peterson and one for myself to Matt Nickander.

5 Sun. Nice weather. Two hunters visited. They were from Aitkin. The cook and the boss went over to Green's. James went to town after supper.

6 Mon. Nice weather. The cook got lost when he brought the lunch. He was rather mean when he got back. In the evening, Nils was here, and we had a nice talk.
7 Tue. Nice weather. Ed Douglas came here, and he stayed overnight. I was complimented for my cooking.

8 Wed. Nice weather. John Sjödin and another man came up. I heard that Ida Nickander was getting married. I bought a bottle of medicine from John Sjödin.

9 Thu. Nice weather. Charley was home and made new benches and tables. Ed was out hunting for deer, but didn't get any. Tonight, I have spent a month here.

10 Fri. It snowed a little in the morning and then it rained. They began to skid.

11 Sat. Cloudy. Nils visited in the evening, and we talked about girls, etc.
12 Sun. Cloudy. John Sjödin was out looking for deer in the afternoon.

13 Mon. Cloudy and foggy. Charley was working outside today for the first time since he cut himself in the foot [with the ax].
14 Tue. Cloudy. Johan stopped with a letter from Thompson.

15 Clear and nice weather. Charley Church and Charley N. went for hay. Ed went out in the evening and looked for deer.
16 Thu. Cloudy and foggy, and rain in the afternoon. We had two people for dinner: Tom Wiggen and Lettman.

17 Fri. Cloudy. Charley Church went hunting.

18 Sat. Cloudy. Donald got lost on his way home in the evening.

19 Sun. Clear and nice weather. Everyone was out deer-hunting the entire day. They didn't get any. John Sjödin cut my hair. I wrote to Erik Wallin. I ordered stuff from Aitkin.

20 Mon. Cloudy and rainy, but it cleared in the afternoon. Ed went to Wright for stuff. Some of the men got lost in the woods this night.

21 Tue. Clear and nice weather. Ed came back when Ole Månson and a partner came up. They, plus Jim, brought some corn and other things. I got a letter from home.

22 Wed. Cloudy and a little snow. Ed went to Wright for stuff, and Jim went with him.
23 Thu. Cloudy. Ed returned from Wright. He brought potatoes and pork. I got a letter from L. N. Loman, and John got one from Kristin, which I read for him. I felt weak today.

24 Fri. Cloudy in the morning, but it cleared in the afternoon.

25 Sat. A man from Little Falls visited, looking for spruce timber. He had lunch here. Charley went down to Aitkin to have a tooth extracted. Then Charley, the boss, also went to Aitkin. I sent for postage stamps, stationery, a shirt and suspenders. I also sent a letter to Loman and one to Cambridge for John.

26 Sun. Charley returned home from town. He brought me a pair of shoes. Nice weather. Ed went to Wright to meet Charley.

27 Mon. Charley Church and Ed came back from town. They were drunk, and they brought three bottles. I got my stationery, suspenders and a shirt, which Paul Elmquist sent up to me. Nice weather.

28 Tue. Nice weather Billy was here and made a good dinner. Charley and I went out hunting for deer, but we didn't see any. Ed went to town to buy a drill. I wrote a letter home to my parents. Nice weather.

29 Wed. Rainy and cloudy all day. Billy Hay came up, together with someone from Minneapolis; a teamster with only one arm. Ed came home. We were 12 men for supper, 14 with us.

30 Thu. Cloudy and rain. [Someone] went to pick up the box they had left along the road, and then returned to Wright.


1 Fri. Nice and clear weather. It's starting to get a little colder. Jim Thompson came up, and some men from Wright. Nothing is frozen yet. Ole stays inside almost every night, and talks.

2 Sat. They started to build a barn. It was a little cold, and it started to freeze.

3 Sun. Snow in the morning, then cloudy and cold. It snowed for almost 2 hours.

4 Mon. Clear and rather cold. The river started to freeze. Jim went up to Angese's Camp. They worked and built a barn.

5 Tue. Clear and cold. Jim returned from Angese's camp. Billie Hay went down to Aitkin. I sent a letter home with him, and asked him to exchange my shirts.

6 Wed. Nice weather. A cruiser was here from Little Falls. Jim was out building a road. Billie Hay came up here. I got a lot of magazines and books. Jim said that I was a good cook.

7 Thu. Nice weather. Jim went to Aitkin. A man from Wright stayed over here. His name was William.

8 Fri. Nice weather, and the snow is melting. Jim came back from Aitkin. He brought a man, a German. A boy from Wright came, and he stayed overnight. Ole Månson was in, and we talked for a while.

9 Sat. It started to rain at 3AM, and kept on all day until night. Ed and Jim Thompson went to Wright for hay. I got a letter from Ida's sister.

10 Sun. Cloudy. James went to Tamarack to meet some (lumber) sawers. Ole stayed inside and talked about history, and we laughed when we talked about my first night here. George came up. Charley Church and Billie Hay and Frank Sears went to town. Clear in the afternoon.

11 Mon. Clear and not so cold. James came back from Tamarack. I got a letter from Erik Wallin. John Sjödin got a letter from Annie Nickander.

12 Tue. A little snow, clear and cold. In the evening, Ackee Boswell came up to sell x. He sold three here. Jim went up to Frank Angese's camp. Two men from Gabbor's camp came here, and three from Marfx's camp who had quit.

13 Wed. Pretty cold, the ground is freezing. Jim came here from Angese's camp. Ed Douglas was here for dinner. The cook went over to Gabbor's camp. Billie Hay went down to Aitkin. He was homesick, and wanted to see his girlfriend. He went with Ackee Boswell.

14 Ed and Jim went to Wright for stuff. (Thursday). Everyone was out for dinner. Pretty cold weather, so the ground freezes more and more.

15 Fri. Clear and cold; hard freeze. George and James Green were here. Ole and John Sjödin stayed in all night. Jim and Ed went to Wright for hay.

16 Sat. It snowed 2 inches today. Jim went to Aitkin, and we sent for lamp oil.

17 Sun. I didn't feel so good during the day. Cloudy and snowy.

18 Mon. Jim came up and I told him that I had to quit. So Jim had to go back to Aitkin, because I was sick. I had 2 1/2 months salary to collect: $88.

19 Tue. Charlie took me out to the depot in Tamarack, where I met L.B. whom I know from Kimberly. I arrived at Aitkin at 11AM, where I had my check cashed. Jim went with me to the bank. I paid Knox and Anderson: $18 at Knox and $35 at Anderson's. Then I went home.

20 Wed. Nice weather. I was at home, reading magazines. Dad was at Kolin's, cutting wood.

21 Thu. Nice weather. I went to town, and got a ride there with Eklund and Louis Swing. I met some friends in Aitkin. I met Anna Swing and Annie Nickander, and got a present from them. I bought them each a present. In the evening I went to Brainerd to see a camp. I got there at 11PM. I got a room at Hotel Gloobe. I went to bed, and slept until 10AM.

22 Fri. I went to look at the camp. I met G. Martin and many other people that I know. I went up to the Hospital and bought some medicine. I also went to look at a farmer's saw. I met Clary and Gust Peterson, and we went together to Aitkin and I went to Skenk's.

23 Sat. Town of Aitkin was busy. Many farmers were in. Ole Eklund was in, and so is Ole Sjödin, Matt and Torslund. I got a ride with Matt and Forslund. I got some presents, and I gave some. Nice weather; the snow melted to slush. In the evening, it was getting windy and cold.

24 Sun. Cold wind. The Sunday school was to be held at our place. Ms Edlund was the Sunday school teacher, and there were many people here. In the evening, Matt Nickander, Mr and Mrs Forslund were here until it got dark. Lena Edlund stayed overnight. I gave Edlund's little girls some Christmas gifts on this Christmas Eve.

25 Christmas Day. Clear and cold. Matt came here, and we went out together towards Wallin's, since Erik had to make coffee. He gave us a lift home. In the evening, we went to Nickander, where we had a Christmas tree with candles lit. We stayed until midnight.

26 Tue. Clear and cold. I went to see Edlund's. I was [actually] on my way to the Post Office, but I didn't go there. I had dinner with Edlund's.

27 Wed. Clear and cold. We went to the harsh-meadow and collected the hay that had blown around there. Mrs Edlund, Ole Edlund were here and so was August Lundström.

28 Thu. Clear and cold. We were out, clearing. Mom went to Kolin's and Mrs Edlund, Ida and I went to Kelly's in the evening.

29 Fri. I was about to give Ida a lift to Östman's, when John Newstrom came to meet her. Then I went out and cleared truss. Dick Teller, from Aitkin, was here and wanted to hire Ida at Willard Hotel.

30 Sat. Cold and clear. Matt, Ida and I went to Aitkin. Annie went with us home. We had both coffee and food at Nickander's. I bought and sent away knitting yarn and medicine to Ida. The weather turned windy and cloudy, and it started to snow in the evening.

31 Sun. Windy and cloudy. I stayed at home in the morning, and in the afternoon, I took all the girls skating. We went up to Kolin's for coffee, and then back to the ice. Sjödin's boys came, and Ole Edlund. We went home for supper. Then we went to Kolin's and had fun until midnight. In the evening we had some coffee, and finally we all went home. There were many people: Jonas Kelly, Matt and Annie Nickander, Ole Sjödin, Mary, Martha, and Caroline Kolin, Annie Swing, Erik Wallin and Reinhold Peterson. It was New Year's Eve, so I had the opportunity to wish them all a Happy New Year! We still have some snow, and it is very cold. I have been out working for three months, and I have made $40/month. I have cooked for James Thompson at Tamarack River. Ida's (Nickander-Forslund) sister has gone out with the Newstrom boys.


1 Mon. The New Year's Day. Windy, but not very cold. I stayed at home during the day. At night, I went to Kelly's. There, Linder was visiting, and we stayed until 8PM. Mrs. Kelly visited us.

2 Tue. Good weather. We slaughtered a pig. Matt visited, and Jonas Kelly. Dad and I went to Kelly's. In the evening, we went to Wallin's, where we had coffee. We stayed until 9:30PM, Matt Jonas and I.

3 Wed. Nice weather. We cut down some truss on the marsh-meadow in the morning, and in the afternoon, I cut some truss here at home. It got cloudy in later on. I read the paper, and wrote two letters.

4 Thu. Nice weather. We cut some timber, for the (hay) barns, on the harsh-meadow. In the evening, we went to a party at Sjödin's. Quite a few people were there. One of the Danish girls fell in the lake when we were out skating. I pulled her up!

5 Fri. Nice weather. We built more hay-barns. I got two letters; one from Jan Sjödin and one from Nils Peterson in Cambridge.

6 Sat. Nice weather. We built hay-barns.

7 Sun. Matt stopped by at 10AM. Then Ole Sjödin and Erik Wallin came here. We all went to visit Kolin's, and we got the girls with us. Then we went to the Sjödin Lake, and, later on, on our way home, Erik and I stopped at Wallin's. Then we got Annie Swing and Eva Hedberg to tag along. We all went to Kolin's, and then the girls went to Aitkin. We then went out on the lake and skated; Annie, Eva, Brita Kolin and Maria.

8 Mon. Dad and I were at Kolin's chopping truss. The weather was nice. We got some rain in the evening. I went to see Edlund's, Eklund's and Nickander's, asking them for mail. I had only gotten two magazines.

9 Tue. Rain in the morning, but I got colder in the PM. In the afternoon, we cut truss at home.

10 Wed. We cut truss. It was cold and cloudy. It started to snow in the evening, but we had nice weather in the morning again. I went to Nickander's and sent for coffee and sugar with Matt He was going to Aitkin.

11 Thu. It was snowing, but not much - nice weather. Kelly visited. We chopped and hauled home hay.

12 Fri. Nice weather. Dad went to Kolin's. I cut truss, sawed some fire-wood and picked up hay. In the evening I went to Nickander's for some stuff Matt had brought me from Aitkin.

13 Sat. Nice weather, but it started to snow around 10AM. It snowed for 2 to 3 hours. Dad and I shoed the horse. Then we hauled home some wood and sawed it. Edlund was here.

14 Sun. Nice weather. I went to Linder's in the morning. Then I went back home and wrote a Road Petition for Kolin. Erik Wallin stopped by, and so did Kolin and John from Dalarna. We went to Nickander's for supper. Then we drove with Matt Then Erik went with me home, where we read ghost stories in the evening.

15 Mon. Real nice weather. We hauled and chopped wood. In the evening, dad and I sawed ties. Later on I picked up the mail at Eklund's. We got a letter from Ida (his sister).

16 Tue. Went to Aitkin - traveled with Edlund. I helped him loading up at Eklund's. In the evening, I went to Skenk's, where I stayed over night. I met Pat Sander and many people that I know. Annie came up to Skenk's. Then I went with her home. I stayed out until 10PM.

17 Wed. Nice weather. Made a trip to town and back. Then I felt like going out again, but I waited for dad to come home.

18 Thu. Nice weather. Dad came to visit. I was going to go out. I have not yet decided where to go. In the evening we visited Grassman for coffee, and sewing circle. Then we went to see Annie Nickander. There was a fire at Willard's Hotel, and I was there helping the Kolin' girls to get their trunks out. Someone had left a burning cigar, which caused the fire. The fire department came, and so did a lot of people [to watch]. They extinguished the fire quickly.

19 Fri. Nice weather. The streets in the city were wet. We were up in town the entire day, Eklund, Jonas and I. Wallin and Erik came to town, too. Bodin returned from Nils Nilson's. In the evening, I went shopping for gloves, socks, a raw hide jacket for $3.50, and a shirt. The total was $6.60. Then we went back home to Skenk's.

20 Sat. We went to the forest. I paid $1.90 for board at Skenk's. We left Aitkin at 7:30. Joe Anderson went with me. We went up to Lons Serven, which was 14 miles up to Waldeck, 10 miles from Aitkin. Ida Okern or Ida Talborg was working as a maid at Serven's. We got there at 12:30, and we left at 2:00. We met with Åsberg there. Pete Peterson was there with mail. Then it was 14 miles to Pat Sanders, where we stayed overnight, since they had a wood stove there. They had a nice house. It was nice weather.

21 Sun. Nice weather. We left Pat. Sanders and went up to Dicksson's, where we had a good dinner. There was a fat lady. It was 12 miles up there. We left at 2PM for the camp, where we arrived at 8PM. We were served cold potatoes and cold ham. It was a BAD supper! And so is the cooking camp and the stripping camp. I have never seen anything as bad. In the morning we got the same kind of food.

22 Mon. Nice weather. We went out to work for Mr. X. But we were given food that was so bad, that we had to [spend a lot of time in the outhouse]. All the food we got was potatoes and salty ham. There were two soldiers working there, who had been out to Aitkin.

23 Tue. Today we went to the "old man" and told him that we could not keep on working if he fed us this way. He said we had nothing to eat, and that Jonas and I were not good enough to swamp. We were 4 men who went down, since all of us who went up for the camp, left at 8AM. We passed by Swan River's headquarters, and we had 10 miles up to Swan River, and 35 miles to Grand Rapids. We went to Dagrev's for dinner, where we met Andrew Söderlund. Joe Jonson stayed there, so we were only 3 left. We went to Lundin's in the evening, and could stay there. it was a nice and pleasant home where we could stay and work. Eklund and I sawed and Jonas swamped. The food is good, but we will never forget the pie we got at Mr. Herd's.

24 Wed. It started to snow this the first day of work, but all went well. We sawed 75 logs.

25 Thu. Rather cold day. We sawed wood in the morning and in the afternoon. Matt Åberg wanted to hire me as a cook. We got coffee in the afternoon. I wrote home.

26 Fri. Cold in the morning. We sawed lumber. Nice weather in the afternoon. Evald Peterson visited in the evening.

27 Sat. Rather cold in the morning. We sawed in the morning, and in the afternoon, we went skiing. It was gray and cold day, with a little snow in the morning. We skidded 50 logs.

28 Sun. Clear and cold. We studied Swedish History. In the evening, we went to Mallda Peterson to see how he's doing. He was fine, and had a nice room. We stayed until 8PM, and we got coffee there.

29 Mon. We skidded [logs] in the morning and in the afternoon we sawed 55 logs. I sent a letter to Ida's sister.

30 Tue. Cold weather. We sawed all day. Jonas was hauling hay. Eklund and I talked about this and that.

31 Wed. Cold weather. Jonas and I swamped, and Eklund helped Lunanx skidding logs. It has been a cold ending of this month.


1 Thu. Cold. I raised a hay-roll. Emil was invited to a wedding at Toby Carlsson's. In the afternoon, we skidded ties.

2 Fri. Better weather. We sawed.

3 Sat. Nice weather. Eklund and I sawed logs. Emil went to the wedding. It's nice to come home and find everything in good order - the floor has been scrubbed, a fire lit in the stove, and the beds made. Lundin stopped by and talked to us about our trips as emigrants to the 'big' country in the west. We are reading "Kunskapens Skolmästare" (The Teacher of Knowledge) in the evenings.

4 Sun. Cold and clear. I started reading Waldenström's book Resa i Am 
Diamond Lake Cemetery
Aitkin County
Minnesota, USA
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Erick Olof Swanson
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Erick Olof Swanson
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Erick Olof Swanson
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