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Humphrey DeForest Bogart
[Add Flowers]
Flowers 1 to 50 (of 3,041 total)51 - 100 
God bless you and grant a cure for this terrible disease, cancer. Rest in Peace.
- Richard S. Barzelogna
 Added: Jul. 12, 2014
God bless you and thank you for your outstanding entertainment. Rest in Peace.
- Rick
 Added: Jul. 9, 2014
Your legacy will live forever. What a great actor. We still miss you so much. R.I.P.
- Billy R. Edgar
 Added: Jul. 8, 2014

- Angel
 Added: Jul. 7, 2014
Stake a fellow American to a meal ?
- Fred C Dobbs
 Added: Jul. 5, 2014

- Pamela Howlett
 Added: Jul. 4, 2014

- KJV Guy
 Added: Jul. 2, 2014
God bless you on Independence Day (early), and thank you for your service. Rest in Peace.
- Richard S. Barzelogna
 Added: Jul. 1, 2014
"I wouldn't give two cents for a dame without a temper."
- Roy "Mad Dog" Earle
 Added: Jun. 25, 2014
God bless you throughout the Summer, the season of life at its fullest. Rest in Peace.
- Richard S. Barzelogna
 Added: Jun. 23, 2014
 Added: Jun. 22, 2014

- Stacey
 Added: Jun. 20, 2014

- AngelWings
 Added: Jun. 16, 2014
Thank you for "Casablanca," and the memories in its train.
- carlos aureus
 Added: Jun. 13, 2014
"Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine".
 Added: Jun. 12, 2014
God bless you on Flag Day (early). Rest in Peace.
- Richard S. Barzelogna
 Added: Jun. 12, 2014
the greatest actor of ALL time!!!
- Tom Jones
 Added: Jun. 12, 2014

- chris graziano
 Added: Jun. 9, 2014

- Dowling
 Added: Jun. 8, 2014

- Stacey
 Added: Jun. 7, 2014
Even though you were the bad guy in Dead End, I still rooted for you against Joel McCrea.
 Added: May. 27, 2014

- Paulie
 Added: May. 27, 2014

- Kathy Mattaliano
 Added: May. 26, 2014
I love your movies! You are a wonderful actor! God Bless!
- JasmineFlower
 Added: May. 24, 2014
Memorial Day 2014. Thank you.
- Renee S Carolan Hopper O C
 Added: May. 24, 2014
Alright Bogie, you probably would have needled me at first, but after a few Scotch's, would come to realize, that we're both the south end of a horse going north. I'd rather be insulted by you, than to be complimented by most people.
 Added: May. 23, 2014

- Stacey
 Added: May. 23, 2014
God bless you on Memorial Day 2014 (early). Rest in Peace.
- LTC B, USAR (ret)
 Added: May. 20, 2014

- Johanna
 Added: May. 18, 2014

- Brenda Hedges
 Added: May. 16, 2014
God bless you on 2014 Armed Forces Day (early). Rest in Peace.
- Richard S. Barzelogna
 Added: May. 14, 2014
A true star.
- marky
 Added: May. 9, 2014

 Added: May. 8, 2014
That flashback scene in Paris, from Casablanca, where you're uncorking a champagne bottle, while a cigarette is dangling from the side of your mouth, was so cool. Bogie, you were cool !
 Added: May. 7, 2014

- Stacey Shaw
 Added: May. 1, 2014
in Casablanca when you're drinking by yourself late at night and Ilsa comes in, i'm ALWAYS drinking with you because of what the ex-wife did to me. I feel your pain explicitly Bogie. to be thrown away like an old T-shirt into the trash is very painful.
- Tom
 Added: May. 1, 2014

- Mike
 Added: Apr. 26, 2014
Wow what can you say about Bogie he was an amazing actor and together with Lauren Bacall ....the sexiest couple in movies of all time.
- Rust Trail
 Added: Apr. 26, 2014
Thank you for all those wonderful movies,
- Suzie Nash
 Added: Apr. 24, 2014
- Julie
 Added: Apr. 20, 2014

- Old Coot
 Added: Apr. 19, 2014
God bless you on Easter (early), the holiest Sabbath of the year. Rest in Peace.
- Richard S. Barzelogna
 Added: Apr. 16, 2014
Absolutely a great actor--Casablanca-Maltese Falcon-Caine Mutiny--all great movies--you left us much too soon & you will never be forgotten-- Enjoyed all your films with Bacall--you two were wonderful together on & off screen--God Keep You & RIP!!
- Garlene Frazier
 Added: Apr. 12, 2014

- Stacey
 Added: Apr. 8, 2014
Will never forget my evenings at Bogie's and the aftermath. still a special place in my heart.
 Added: Mar. 28, 2014

 Added: Mar. 28, 2014

- Stacey
 Added: Mar. 27, 2014
God bless you throughout Spring, the Season when all Life is renewed. Rest in Peace.
- Richard S. Barzelogna
 Added: Mar. 25, 2014
To an outstanding actor!
 Added: Mar. 25, 2014

- Shenk & Dorothy Ellhers
 Added: Mar. 23, 2014
Flowers 1 to 50 (of 3,041 total)51 - 100 

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