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Juan Ponce de León
[Add Flowers]
Flowers 1 to 50 (of 129 total)51 - 100 

- tammy denise way young
 Added: Apr. 13, 2015

- Mary Ann Weshinskey
 Added: Mar. 28, 2015

- Lorelei
 Added: Oct. 16, 2014

- Missy Kate
 Added: Sep. 2, 2014
Descansa en Paz...
- Johanna Rivera
 Added: Nov. 27, 2013

- timmy
 Added: Oct. 3, 2013
Don Juan,Your discovery is 500 years old. I hope you are hanging out with the likes of Walt Disney! Viva Florida!
- Santusa Vargas
 Added: Aug. 26, 2013

- White Orchid
 Added: Aug. 18, 2013

- Becky
 Added: Jun. 17, 2013
Sleep well Sir!
- Osiris
 Added: Apr. 22, 2013

- J Spencer
 Added: Mar. 29, 2013

- brijels, Brasil
 Added: Feb. 3, 2013

 Added: Sep. 13, 2012
A Small Remembrance To The Great Conquistador, Ponce De Leon!
- Eman Bonnici
 Added: Mar. 11, 2012
I light a candle for Juan Ponce de Leon ...
- Candles
 Added: Jan. 21, 2012

- timmy
 Added: Oct. 6, 2011

- Stacey
 Added: Sep. 13, 2011
Remembering you on your 490th anniversary in heaven. May you be at rest in heavenly peace!!
- Osiris
 Added: Jul. 30, 2011
Thank you for everything the good, the bad, and the ugly! May you be at rest in heavenly peace Don Juan!!
- Osiris
 Added: Jul. 4, 2011

- MacBean
 Added: Jun. 18, 2011
Just the sound of his name alone makes us all "thirsty". Thirsty for what?...our youth of course!This famous explorer hoped to find some special waters in what is now called Florida. Upon arriving, he said in Spanish "Is this the land with the fountain of youth?" A positive answer to his question has had to wait for centuries. Now having slept in death for 490 years already, and being completely unaware of the passage of time (see Eccl 9:5) He will soon wake up in a surpassing paradise of beauty. His heart will skip a beat as he realizes he is about to have fulfilled in his behalf the promise at (Job 33:25) "Let his flesh become fresher then in youth; let him return the days of his youthful vigor" OK, I know what you might be thinking, I understand your possible laughter (by the way laughter is good medicine, but it will never make you young) but please consider this: This does not mean young and inexperienced, it just means your bodies cells will replicate properly, without breakdown. You will endlessly make gains in wisdom, ability and appreciation of this gift of life. But always being dignified with a sound, healthy, beautiful body to work with. Why else would we all possess these brains, fully capable of handling eternity? Would not you agree, that 70 or 80 years is what is truly laughable!! By the way, how does God feel about our current lifespan? No doubt these very scriptures will be shared with Juan in the paradise. They help to explain mankind's search for something more.....(Psalms 39:4,5) "Cause me, oh Jehovah , to know my end, and the measure of my days-- what it is, that I may know how transient I am. Look! You have made my days just a few; and my life's duration is as nothing in front of you. Surely every earthling man, though standing firm, is nothing but an exhalation."or ...(Job 14:1,2) "Man, born of woman, is short lived and glutted with agitation. Like a blossom he has come forth and is cut off. And he runs away like the shadow and does not keep existing."(see also Psalms 90:10) Transient, nothing, exhalation, short lived, shadow, all tell the same story. Juan, that brief 61 years you lived before, was just like a blink of an eye. And the youthful portion of it, was even less. It will not be a drink of literal water, that brings us youth, but the taking in of "spiritual waters". Jesus prayer in our behalf on his final night states: "This means everlasting life, there taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ" (John 17:3)I hope to have the privilege to meet you Juan. You are about to discover something more amazing then even the fountain of youth....when you wake up, you will find yourself having sweet life on earth again, but this time with forever before you....Revelation 21:4 "And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.The former things have passed away."
- Robin Kutulas
 Added: Apr. 30, 2011

- Stacey
 Added: Mar. 15, 2011
Vaya con Dios senor!
- karl anglin
 Added: May. 6, 2010

- Cheryl
 Added: Feb. 22, 2010

- mike sell
 Added: Jan. 8, 2010

- Satoris LeFier
 Added: Dec. 14, 2009

- jlhist64
 Added: Oct. 28, 2009

- MC (Inactive)
 Added: Sep. 15, 2009

- Sharon
 Added: Sep. 10, 2009
I was at "The Fountain of Youth" in At Augustine Friday. What a beautiful park. RIP always and thank you.
- David
 Added: Apr. 27, 2009
In honor to you, Juan and to all great spanish explorers
- J M
 Added: Jan. 18, 2009

- Mellissa Lake Co. Illinois
 Added: Dec. 6, 2008

- sr/ks
 Added: Oct. 31, 2008
I hope to one day visit your resting place in San Juan. I've been a big fan of yours since the 1st day I arrived in St. Augustine Florida. in 1513 you discovered St. Augustine and had the first catholic mass at the mission de nombre de dios. I visit this site often and reflect on things by the water sometime. If I could meet you I would let you know that your "Fountain of Youth" park in St. Augustine is a popular tourist attraction that brings thousands every year to taste the water.
- Adam
 Added: Oct. 16, 2008

- Blessed Always
 Added: Oct. 15, 2008
God Bless You and Remember Always Go Forward and Never Turn Back!
- Dave Weiss
 Added: Oct. 7, 2008
Thank you Uncle Ponce!
- Ronald Leon
 Added: Sep. 10, 2008

- PaulineNozerosBabyGirl
 Added: Jul. 30, 2008

- Hector M Soto Jr.
 Added: Mar. 26, 2008

- Antonio DosSantos
 Added: Feb. 8, 2008

- Anna
 Added: Nov. 13, 2007

- Eclectic One
 Added: Nov. 5, 2007
The Believe the Miracles!
- Gare Kunert Allen
 Added: Nov. 5, 2007

- Robert
 Added: Oct. 25, 2007
You stepped onto the new world and into legend. Would you chuckle at the irony now, almost 400 years later, that the Fountain of Youth close to where you came ashore is just municipal tap water out of a spigot? Here's to you great explorer, some still remember your deeds.
- an old salt
 Added: Oct. 19, 2007

- Stacey
 Added: Oct. 14, 2007

- Michele
 Added: Oct. 11, 2007

- gaby hayes
 Added: Sep. 20, 2007

- Tymesdone
 Added: Jun. 20, 2007
Aparecio un hombre, enviado de Dios, que se llamaba Juan. El vino como testigo, para dar testimonio acerca de la luz, a fin de que todos creyesen por El. JN 1:6-7
- sancha
 Added: May. 19, 2007
Flowers 1 to 50 (of 129 total)51 - 100 

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