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Timothy Scott "Scottie B" Brown
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Flowers 1 to 50 (of 277 total)51 - 100 
Well, Scotty, today it has been 8 years that you have been gone from us and I still miss you like it only happened yesterday! I pray that you are no longer in the pain you were in here and that you are in God's Hands. One day we will get to go to that big ballpark in the sky together, my friend and brother!!
- Philly
 Added: Jun. 10, 2014

- AR
 Added: Apr. 8, 2014

- Allison Ferris Pierce
 Added: Jun. 15, 2013
Here is to you, my friend, my brother from another mother!! HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY, BRO........I sure hope yours will be better where you are than mine will be here. Still miss you, dude. Wish there was something I could have done to keep you from doing this........
- Philly
 Added: May. 27, 2013

- Sabrina King Combs
 Added: Feb. 24, 2013

- Klaus from Germany
 Added: Oct. 30, 2012

- Lance
 Added: Sep. 26, 2012

- An Angel on Earth
 Added: Jul. 4, 2012
Yo, was 6 years ago today that I found you in your apt. I still cannot believe that you are gone. Dude, you were my best friend, brother, teammate and my running mate. No one can ever fill that spot and my life has sucked ever since. Hope all is well where you are and that you are not in any pain. Love ya, man!!
- Philly
 Added: Jun. 10, 2012
Yo, Scotty!! Another Christmas season is upon us and I am wishing that you and my Mom were both still here. Say "hi" to her for me, would you?? I know you see what is going on here, so you know that you are missed and that this is just not the same without you, bro. The world is sort of empty without a best friend/running mate you know........just a big gap there where you used to be, not even my wife can fill that space, ya man!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
- Philly
 Added: Dec. 16, 2011

- Noor
 Added: Nov. 17, 2011
Scott, can not believe you are not here. Spoke to Philly... he misses you so. Was going through old pics, and found your pic from the Air Force! What a great pic. The last time I saw you was at the visitation for Peyton. We didn't speak, but I hope you know I was hurting for you. I know she is in your arms now. Certain people always remain in one's memories & heart. You are one of those for me. Such a great guy! Thanks for some wonderful memories. Your children are beautiful! I hope you see my sister...she passed just 2wks after you. Give her a hug for me. Wish you were here with all the people that love you.
- Bulldog
 Added: Aug. 24, 2011
Hey Scotty, don't look now, but your Buccos are in first place and the season is more than halfway over!!! Really!! The Pirates in 1st place, the world must be coming to an end.....LOL!! Still miss ya, bro!!
- Philly
 Added: Jul. 21, 2011
Hey Bro,another 4th of July is here and I was just thinking of the time we watched the fireworks from the other side of Old Fort Pkwy. with the cooler in the back of the truck and the cops came by to tell us to move. That was when the gorgeous lady cop came up and asked us to park the truck so no one else could get down that way and let us keep the beer if we would help her with that. One of the more memorable 4ths I have had in many years. It was like she deputized us but let us drink on the job......miss you man!!
- Philly
 Added: Jul. 3, 2011
~ Those we love don't go away, They walk beside us every day, Unseen, unheard, but always near, Still loved, still missed and very dear ~
- The Grave Hunter
 Added: Apr. 21, 2011
Yo bro, baseball season is upon us and I am again going to the park without you. I really wish you hadn't done this so we could still hang out at the know I always believed in you, bro. We were good on the field together too........our 30th high school reunion is coming up and I will again have to go thru telling all these folks about what happened, I find it hard to forgive you for it, but I have. It just really leaves a blank in my life with no running mate any more. God bless and I pray that your are feeling no pain or agony any ya man!!
- Philly
 Added: Mar. 5, 2011

- Saffron♥Wings
 Added: Jan. 18, 2011

- Ruth
 Added: Dec. 27, 2010
Just a late note to wish you a Merry Christmas and to let you know that you and your Mom are both missed very much. I still love and miss you, bro!! hard to believe it has been almost 5 years already!!
- Philly
 Added: Dec. 26, 2010

- Annie ╰⊰✿
 Added: Nov. 7, 2010

- Ruth
 Added: Oct. 10, 2010

- Beautiful Savior Is My Lord Jesus Christ
 Added: Sep. 27, 2010

- sandyrun
 Added: Aug. 27, 2010

- Loving Memories~RoxღEd
 Added: Jul. 22, 2010
Just a note dude, as it nears Memorial Day and our birthday telling you that you are missed dearly!! Here it is some 4 years already and you are still missed, my brother!! Love ya man......
- Philly
 Added: May. 24, 2010
Your memorial came up as I visited my family. I have offered a prayer for you and for those you love.
- Rest in God
 Added: May. 9, 2010
Dude, just thought I would let you know, like you don't already, that baseball season is upon us. Another year in which I cannot umpire a game, but that I can go to the park and yell AT the umpires though. I also wanted to laugh at you a minute when you realize that for a couple of years now your Pirates have been managed by a former Phillie and are excited as heck about a former Commodore making the big club late this year or next. Just thinking about you lately and wanted to let you ya bro!!
- Philly
 Added: Mar. 10, 2010
Happy New Year, dude!! Well, it is yet another year and my only real wish is that I were in your shoes. You should still be here and I there. See you soon enough, I ya bro!!
- Philly
 Added: Jan. 3, 2010
MERRY CHRISTMAS, my brother. You are missed today and every day. Hope your Christmas is as wonderful as I hope they are when I get there with you.
- Philly
 Added: Dec. 25, 2009

- Neil B (John 3:16)
 Added: Dec. 23, 2009

- Kimmie
 Added: Sep. 20, 2009

- Sharon
 Added: Jul. 12, 2009

- purple-lady
 Added: Jul. 11, 2009
Rest in peace.
- Dan
 Added: Jun. 21, 2009
Hey there, bud. It has now been 3 years since you left us and I still miss you dearly!! There are truly some times still that I reach for the phone to call you to go do something or to holler at you about a play or a score or such. I keep thinking about your kids and what they must be thinking and wishing them all the best. There are definitely some people still here who wish you were as well and miss you more than you will ever understand. Yes, I forgive you, but I just wish we could still run around and goof off like we used running mate any more, a little lost when it comes to that. Love ya man......
- Philly
 Added: Jun. 11, 2009
Heard your vioce in what I think was a dream this afternoon and it woke me up. Maybe it wasn't a dream, but anyway, you are still missed and I am still trying to convince everyone that you were clean for as long as you were, and still clean through your death. You've been gone for almost 3 years and I am still defending you to everyone who questions your rehab. Love ya and miss ya bro........
- Philly
 Added: Apr. 19, 2009
I hope you're f'in happy.........even during your worst football season EVER you still manage to beat Vanderbilt and embarass me to no end. You and your team suck.
- Philly
 Added: Nov. 22, 2008
Well, it's just about Thanksgiving and again I keep thinking about all the Turkey Bowls we played over at Sisco's house. Do you realize that Sisco's son is going to play college baseball at Middle next season? Dude, I am getting too old for all this. I guess you don't have that problem any more, huh? Well, just thought I would drop you a note to brag about the 2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies!! I miss you, bro.......
- Philly
 Added: Nov. 21, 2008
They say that life is fleetingI know that this is trueI left this world so quicklyWith no goodbye to you.I know how much you miss meYour tears fall ever lightThe pillow where you lay your headIs wet with them at night.I know your heart is hurtingThe words we left, unsaidI love you's left unspokenAre spinning in your head.The strength that I have carriedThat served to make you wholeRemains to make you strongerWithin your grieving soul.For you see, while you were weepingOn the day I passed awayAt the gravesite near the flowersWhere my loved ones knelt to pray.An angel came to see meShe took me by the handShe led me to a kingdomIn a very distant land.As I look down from the heavenAnd see you standing thereYour heart so ever burdenedWith more weight than it can bear.I long to bring you comfortI long to give you peaceI long to hold you closelyCause all your tears to cease.The joy I've found in heavenGoes far beyond compareThe love that's so elusiveCan be found here everywhere.The light is softly shiningThere's no storm clouds here or rainThere's no teardrops found in heavenThere's no suffering, there's no pain.You needn't be so troubledStay close to God and prayThat someday we'll be togetherOne bright and glorious day.So my love, you shouldn't questionMy dear you need not cryI've gone to be with JesusI really didn't die.
 Added: Sep. 23, 2008
It's about to be football season again and I will have no one to argue with or call to say "hey, did you see that!!" I wish you would've realized how much you were going to be missed and that you could've gotten some more help. Just a note to let you know that you are being thought of as Vanderbilt and UT get ready to start their seasons. Love ya, bro....
- Philly
 Added: Aug. 17, 2008
Hey dude, I can't believe that it's been 2 full years that you have been gone. Nobody has called me Pork-n-bean Head or ND since then either. Sure could use a BF to hang out with and go do things with. I mean, why do I now have to go to Philly with Brian instead of you?! I still miss you, man and I hope you now understand that you were loved and will continue to be missed for a long, long time. It's awfully damn lonely here by myself, you know. I just hope you found what you were looking for because now I am the one in search a way to fill a monstrous void in my life. Take care, bro........
- Philly
 Added: Jun. 11, 2008

 Added: Apr. 21, 2008

- Lyn
 Added: Apr. 17, 2008

- Philly
 Added: Mar. 9, 2008
Just hanging out, playing games on the computer this evening. Nothing going on, just thinking about you and some of the times we had at the beginning of baseball seasons past. It's been a year and a half, but it still hurts to know that we will never get to go to the ballpark together again. Just know that we still love you and that I will personally beat your a$$ for this when I see you again!! Later, bro............
- Philly
 Added: Mar. 9, 2008
I hope you have found the peace that eluded you on this earth. Rest in sweet peace.
- Just Gone
 Added: Feb. 2, 2008
Happy New Year babe!Kimmie n jeannette
- Kimmie
 Added: Jan. 8, 2008
Hey Scotty.......just got past the New Year Holiday and was thinking of you. We had a great New Years' Eve. It's the first one that we've really had fun with since the one we spent with you and Kimmie at the Toby Keith concert. Sorry your Steelers lost tonight....dude I still miss you horribly and wish you all the peace, love and blessings that God can bestow on you. Love ya bro.......
- Philly
 Added: Jan. 6, 2008

 Added: Dec. 24, 2007

- ~Merry Christmas~Angel Ashleys Mom~Lori~
 Added: Dec. 18, 2007
Flowers 1 to 50 (of 277 total)51 - 100 

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