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Thomas Ewing, Jr
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Then we should all be glad that the slavocracy lost, shouldn't we? Not the lost cause, more like the least cause.
- Mac
 Added: Mar. 15, 2014
If we had won, this man would have been hanged as a war criminal.
 Added: Sep. 14, 2013

- Sharon
 Added: Aug. 1, 2013
Rest in Peace and Thank you for all you have done my 3rd cousi......
- Dana Caruthers Norton
 Added: May. 26, 2012

- tbeck
 Added: May. 26, 2012
You did a great job in defending Spangler and DR. Samuel Mudd from the gallows since they only got life instead of the rope in the " Lincoln Conspiracy " murder trial in 1865
- stonewall7211861
 Added: Mar. 17, 2012
Companion #07459 - Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the U.S.
- Jeffry Burden
 Added: Jun. 2, 2011

- LaDene
 Added: Jan. 21, 2011
Thank You for Your Service to Our Country!!
- LaDene
 Added: Jan. 21, 2011

- Åke Frisk
 Added: Jan. 21, 2011

- Ethel Duggar
 Added: Aug. 13, 2010

- Southernatheart
 Added: Aug. 7, 2010

- LaDene
 Added: Aug. 7, 2010
Thank You, Sir!!!
- LaDene
 Added: Aug. 7, 2010

- Satoris LeFier
 Added: Jan. 21, 2010
Please tell your brother hello for me!!
- LaDene
 Added: Jan. 21, 2010
The Union Forever!!
- LaDene
 Added: Jan. 21, 2010

- LaDene
 Added: Nov. 11, 2009

- Mackie
 Added: Aug. 30, 2009
Thank you for your service to the Country, sir!
- LaDene
 Added: Aug. 22, 2009

- J.A. & D.S.
 Added: Aug. 20, 2009

- sierra
 Added: Jan. 21, 2009

- Mellissa Lake Co. Illinois
 Added: Jan. 21, 2009
"Order Number 11 was the most drastic and repressive military measures directed against civilians by the Union Army during the Civil War. In fact, it stands as the harshest treatment ever imposed on United States citizens under the plea of military necessity in our Nations History."
 Added: Jan. 13, 2009
Honored & Remembered for your service to our Nation!
- Mary Lehman
 Added: Aug. 21, 2008

- Sgt. Rock
 Added: Jan. 21, 2008

- Barbara Hammons Davis, Dalt's Mom
 Added: Jan. 20, 2008
One side of my family was born in Lancaster, OH two of them were on Sherman's march to the sea. On the other side they were born in KY and lived most of their lives in Morgan County, MO. Most were Confederates and one was a conscript and died of starvation at Rock Island Ill. I have never been able to find my Valentine Harmon who may have been in one of the early skirmishes between the KS and MO. My Sparks family hid Jessie James and the Youngers at their farm in Morgan Co. They favored states rights and we continue with that issue today. War is terrible. Since I'm the result of both sides I am on the side of leaving History to the ages and learning from it. Missouri and Kansas had it bad during this war and the innocent suffered. God's peace to all our ancestors whatever their politics.
- Bonnie Morris Conrad
 Added: Dec. 11, 2007

- Kat
 Added: Aug. 7, 2007

- Me & Badger ♥
 Added: Mar. 8, 2007
In your later years, you said that Order No. 11 ruined a lot of lives, including yours. You, at least deserved it. John Marshall's decisions established the precedent that an officer is himself responsible for crimes done in obeying an unlawful order. I am still sorry that you and Capt. Todd never met.
- Bob Hufford
 Added: Jan. 21, 2007
R.I.P. Ewing
- The Mystery Man
 Added: Dec. 22, 2006

- Just Another Woman of GOD
 Added: Oct. 24, 2006
Happy Birthday In Heaven!
- A Marine's Daughter
 Added: Aug. 7, 2006

- Mellissa Lake Co. Illinois
 Added: Aug. 7, 2006
In memory.
 Added: Aug. 7, 2006

- gaby hayes
 Added: Aug. 7, 2006
My wife's ancestor,Capt.George Todd,was XO of Quantrill's Raiders. I am very sorry you never got to meet him.
- Bob Hufford
 Added: Sep. 29, 2005
Happy Birthday, General.
- Paul (Revelations 6:5 )
 Added: Aug. 7, 2005
To you General, I say "Hurrah" for your actions. You did what you were ordered to do by the supreme commander of the union army, Gen Ulsysses Grant, Who I might add is also a Buckeye, with ties to your hometown of Lancaster Ohio. (Also my hometown, and proud of it) All these cry babies that leave this scandelous crap on your memorial are still peed off that the South lost what they started. Citizens of Lancaster Ohio are proud of you and your family for your accomplishments and your giving to this nation.Your name adorns schools and streets here. God Bless you General, and I know you do...."Rest In Peace"
- Steve Spears
 Added: Mar. 20, 2005
RB - By your definition since Gen. R.E. Lee "knew" they would lose the war over a year before he surrendered, yet he continued to fight, he is guilty of over 100,000 blues and greys being killed and is also a mass murderer.
And the Confederate government which not only authorized but encouraged guerrilla warfare are the real 9-11 terrorists.
Your feelings betray a man who cannot think rationally.
 Added: Aug. 8, 2004

- quebecoise
 Added: Jul. 26, 2004
Almost one point correct, if you can explain how switching from the Republican party, which was the party to hold sway for the next 15 odd years to become a Democrat and speak for southern man's rights and defend a southern President had good ramifications in the north.

Apparently you would have preferred him just blowing up houses with guerrilla supporters in them instead of giving them 15 days to get out. Even Gen. Shelby's Adjt. John Edwards thought the order "mercifully" executed. Why not blame the true people behind Order No. 11. When the COnfederate government allowed and supported guerrilla activity, they legitimized civilians as targets.

As a Christian, the General does indeed rest in peace. May the same be said someday for his Christian opponents.
 Added: May. 28, 2004
Again, those who can''t adequately quote from history, should not be allowed to call on its name. The question is not did you institute Order No 11, but it is why? And any Vietnam vet with a lick of sense know the answer to that. You fought well for your county as a soldier and statesman, you fought for Southern rights, you fought for amnesty for rebels, you fought to save a beleaguered President born in Tennessee. But, as a Christian, we know what your final reqard will be.
 Added: May. 4, 2004
Surprizing that so many soliders including hard fighters like Col Bazel Lazear (see his letters Mo Historical Review Vol 92 No 4 Page 405) longed to work for him instead of other Generals. To those who defame this General, know your history, because you embarass yourselves with name-calling.
 Added: Apr. 30, 2004
To all those "Rebels" who don't know you defended Dr Sam Mudd and Mary Surratt, or fought for the Southern man's right to vote in the period of Reconstruction, and who believe the lies associated with Bingham's Order No. 11, may any curses they cast be returned to them one hundredfold.
- An SCV Member
 Added: Apr. 28, 2004
Thinking of you on your Angel Date. God bless you and rest in eternal peace.
- Grace, Peace and Love, Karen
 Added: Jan. 21, 2004

- God Bless & R.I.P. ~ Daughter Of An Angel ~
 Added: Jan. 21, 2004
In memory of the thousands of Missourians exterminated, 1861-1865.
 Added: Jun. 22, 2003
May You Never Know Peace,General.
- Anonymous
 Added: May. 26, 2002
Flowers 1 to 50 (of 51 total)51 - 51 

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